Parliamentary elections in Sweden: Social Democrats remain strongest force

The Social Democrats in Sweden have won the parliamentary election according to the first predictions. Right behind it with significant gains: the right Swedes Democrats

Parliamentary elections in Sweden: Social Democrats remain strongest force

According to first predictions, Social Democrats won parliamentary elections in Sweden with 26.2 percent of votes. The party of head of government Stefan Löfven was thus once again strongest force, but red-green camp is no longer expected to be a stable government majority.

This is mainly due to success of right-wing populist Sweden Democrats. According to prognosis of television channel SVT, party around Jimmie Akesson achieved best result of its history and became second strongest force with 19.2 percent of vote. The Swedes were still lagging behind expectations. Polls had predicted xenophobic party up to 25 percent of vote. A total of 7.5 million Swedes and Swedes were called to parliamentary election.

The predicted election result poses problems for Social Democrats in formation of government, as none of classical party constellations wants to coalition with Swedes Democrats. The red-green bloc of Social Democrats, Greens and Socialist Left Party alone, however, only comes to 39.4 percent. The second major camp, a liberal-Conservative four-party alliance led by moderates, is forecast to reach 39.6 percent.

The Social Democrats still have option of minority government, but in voting in Parliament y would be dependent on consent of right-wing populists.

Since refugee crisis in 2015, Sweden's Democrats have been found mainly in large cities. Sweden, with around ten million inhabitants, has 2015 around 160,000 asylum seekers: per capita population is more than in any or European country. With result of parliamentary elections, right move continues, which has shaped almost all elections in Europe since refugee crisis

Date Of Update: 10 September 2018, 12:00

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