Party financing: AfD sues against supporters Association

A club has been promoting the AfD for two years. The party had so far accepted that, now it fears, according to the media, the accusation of illegal party financing.

Party financing: AfD sues against supporters Association

The AfD wants to sue association for rule of law and civil liberties, which has supported m in electoral campaigns. The lawsuit is expected to be filed next week, party leader Jörg Meun and party-appointed lawyer Carsten Brennecke research Association from WDR, NDR and south German Zeitung. The party is obviously primarily concerned with defending itself against suspicions of illegal party financing. This is made up of documents available to media.

The complaint was necessary because association did not respond to a letter of warning from party and still calls on posters and in a free newspaper to choose AfD. The head of association, which is financed by anonymous donors and donors, has been promoting party for more than two years. So far, AfD had accepted support.

But Bundestag administration, which is responsible for party finance, has been exerting more pressure on party for some time. It is based on suspicions of illegal party financing in up to tens of millions of dollars. Therefore, according to media, party now wants to dissociate itself from association. According to lawyer Brennecke, party wants to forbid association to publish "advertising measures under name of AfD", he said to research association. It is about protecting name and trademark rights.

WDR, NDR and SZ are party-internal e-mails and warning letter to AfD Support Association. It is clear from this that party is now afraid that millions of expensive advertising campaigns of a support society could be regarded as illegal party financing. According to reports in warning letter to association, it is said: "The advertising you have prepared and published has been suitable or suitable to lead a unbiased viewer to erroneous assumption that this is advertisement of our client Which was made and published with knowledge and consent on behalf of our client. "

The Cologne law firm of Brennecke wrote to AfD according to report: "However, we also recommend a lawsuit to prove to third parties, such as Bundestag administration, that se posters are not offered in agreement with AfD . "

The Chairman of Association for rule of law, David Bendel's, wants to hold on to his campaign: "As an independent association, we will of course also make election recommendations in future," said Bendel's research group.

Date Of Update: 11 August 2018, 12:00

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