Party financing: Leftist threatens to bring constitutional action against Coalition law

The union and the SPD want to extend the financing of the parties and raise the ceiling by 15 percent. The opposition is going too fast. She complains of technical mistakes.

Party financing: Leftist threatens to bring constitutional action against Coalition law

The Left party has threatened to bring an action against expansion of State party financing planned for this Friday. "The coalition must withdraw bill," said parliamentary director of Left faction, Jan Korte, German press agency. "If she doesn't, we're going to check a standards-control lawsuit."

As it was only announced last week, grand coalition wants to increase government subsidies for parties and raise corresponding ceiling of 165 million euros this year to 190 million euros in coming year. The Union and SPD justify increase in maximum amount, among or things, by fact that digitisation has significantly increased cost of communication and security. In social media, many new forums would have developed, on which parties would have to be present.

Left-managing director Korte criticized rapid procedure in particular. "The coalition is pushing a lot of social issues to long bank, but its own problems are eliminating m in nine working days," he said. "In this way, union and SPD are damaging confidence in politics and democracy." The haste also led to craft faults. At hearing on subject of internal Committee, three experts would have considered draft to be unconstitutional.

For a lawsuit, however, left is dependent on support of or opposition groups, as a quarter of members of Bundestag would have to vote for it. Indeed, Greens had also spoken of a "forklift process," The AfD accuses coalition of a "self-service mentality." It was not known wher parties would also vote in favour of a lawsuit. At first, left also pleaded for a round table to discuss subject in detail. As chairman, Korte proposed former Bundestag president and current chairman of Konrad Adenauer Foundation, Norbert Lammert.

More financial support from State would currently help SPD, whose treasurer Dietmar Nietan spoke to German press agency about a "difficult financial situation" of his party. As a result of bad election results, SPD currently receives about 1.6 million euros less in year. The formation of government with two Sonderparteitagen, member decision and regional conferences alone cost about four million euros, said Nietan of DPA. The regular federal party congress in December once again cost over two million. Nietan stressed that he had invested a double-digit million amount in computer technology and digitisation since taking office in year 2013.

In general, Parties have several sources of income – including membership fees and donations – but most important of which are government grants, y account for around a third. Thus, in year 2017, SPD received around 49 million euros, CDU 48 million euro, Greens almost 16 million euro, FDP, CSU and Linke each around 12 million euros and AfD 7.5 million euro.

An increase in ceiling for se government grants is nothing unusual. This is already happening every year on basis of a party index drawn up by Federal Statistical Office, which takes account of rising costs for parties due to inflation. Finally, ceiling was raised from 2017 to 2018 by around 3.5 million euros or 2.2 percent. However, increase which Union and SPD want to enforce now is considerably greater: it amounts to 25 million euros and thus a plus of 15 percent.

Date Of Update: 14 June 2018, 12:01

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