Paul Manafort: Donald Trump's ex-campaign chief should have influenced witnesses

Special investigator Robert Mueller wants Paul Manafort to be put back in custody. Donald Trump's former campaign leader tried to conceal evidence.

Paul Manafort: Donald Trump's ex-campaign chief should have influenced witnesses

The FBI special investigator in DerRussland affair accused former election campaign chief VonUS President Donald Trump, Paul Manafort, of attempts to exert influence. In a court document, Robert Mueller writes that Manafortund had recorded anor person repeatedly by telephone, SMS and VerschlüsseltenBotschaften with two persons from lobby group Hapsburg GroupKontakt. Manafort have to influence witnesses and conceal evidence, it is said in DemDokument. Mueller asked competent judge to Manafort in custody before his court.

No names are called in DemGerichtsdokument. According to Public Prosecutor's Office, two biologists witnesses should have done Manaforts publicity in favour of Ukraine in USA and Europe. Among or things, y should have dabeigeholfen to clamp a group of former European politicians for InoffizielleLobbyarbeit. According to Mueller's investigators, Manafort two biologists witnesses have been contacted during his house arrest.

As DieWashington Post writes, Essich could act on one of witnesses around Konstantin Kilimnik. Dieserhatte spent several years in Manaforts shops in Kiev.

Manafort wants to examine accusations

Currently, Trump's former campaign manager is accused of conspiracy to sowieBank money laundering and tax fraud in Washington. Zudemsoll He worked with Deputy election campaign chairman Rick Gatesals foreign agent for Ukrainian interests. Manafort denies accusations. His spokesman, Jason Maloni, said that Manafort was testing youngest Vorwürfedes Mueller teams.

Former FBI chief Mueller investigates wher Trump's campaign team was cooperating illegally with Moscow prior to president's inauguration, and wher US president later attempted to obstruct investigation of Russia's contacts.

US president Trumpbestreitet a Russian influence and designates MuellersErmittlungen as a "witch hunt." At same time, he distanced himself from Manafort Undstreitet that current investigations against Manafort were related to SeinerWahlkampagne.

Date Of Update: 05 June 2018, 12:02

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