Paul Manafort: Trump's ex-campaign manager must be in custody

A former campaign chief of Donald Trump must wait for his trial to start in prison for tax evasion. He should have tried to influence witnesses.

Paul Manafort: Trump's ex-campaign manager must be in custody

Paul Manafort, former campaign manager of US president Donald Trump, has to go to prison for first time because of alleged witness influence. Manafort, who is accused of money laundering and tax evasion, should have contacted two witnesses to influence m in his sense. A court in Washington refore decided that Manafort had to stay behind bars until trial kicked off.

FBI special investigator Robert Mueller had asked responsible judge last week to take Manafort in custody. Manafort have called witnesses for lawsuits against him or contacted m via encrypted text messages in order to move m to "significant false statements". Also Manaforts Russian business partner Konstantin Kilimnik should have tried to influence witnesses. The investigators also suspect Kilimnik to maintain contacts with Russian intelligence service.

Former FBI chief Mueller wants to find out if Trump's campaign team was cooperating illegally with Moscow before president took office, and if US president later tried to obstruct investigation of se contacts with Russia. Mueller's investigations have so far led to more than 20 accusations. The accused are mostly Russian citizens and companies: y should have interfered in US election campaign.

Manaforts indictment and arrest is also due to Mueller's investigation: Manafort and his familiar Rick Gates are accused of money laundering and tax offences. They are supposed to have lobbied for ousted Prorussian Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych. A first trial is scheduled to begin on 10 July, and furr charges will be negotiated on 17 September. Manafort had already been accused in October. Since n he has lived under house arrest and carried an electronic anklet.

Date Of Update: 16 June 2018, 12:01

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