Poison attack: Allies support British Skripal investigations

According to Britain, two Russians have carried out the poison attack on the ex-agent Sergei Skripal. Western partners, including Germany, share this view.

Poison attack: Allies support British Skripal investigations

Germany, France, Canada and USA once again support UK in case of Russian ex-agent Sergei Skripal, who came into contact with neurotoxin Nowitschok in March. The British government had announced on Wednesday that one suspected two employees of Russian military intelligence GRU to stand behind attack. In a joint statement by Heads of State and Government of four States and United Kingdom, it was said that y had "full confidence in British assessment".

The communication furr states that "this operation was most likely to be approved at a high level of government". The government in London had previously assigned responsibility for attack to Russia's President Vladimir Putin. Prime Minister Theresa May had said to Parliament that she was almost certain that operation had not only been coordinated within Secret Service, but also from state side. She called Russian Secret Service "a danger to all our allies." There could be no place for such "barbaric activities" as in case of Skripal.

Sergei Skripal-Brits apply for European arrest warrant against two Russians two Russian agents are supposed to have perpetrated poison attack on former Russian spy Sergei Skripal. Britain now published names and mug shots of two. © PHOTO: Reuters TV

The Western Allies reaffirm in ir statement that government's statements in London encouraged m in ir "intention to continue to interfere with hostile activities of foreign intelligence services in our territories, prohibition of chemical Weapons "to protect ir citizens and to defend countries" against any form of malicious government action directed against us and our societies ".

"Joint measures" have already been taken to intelligence activities of Russian military "by most extensive collective deportation of concealed intelligence agents that has ever taken place".

Nowitschok-tracks in hotel room

Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julija were found badly injured on March 4 in British Salisbury. They survived attack and are now in an unknown location. In July, a couple came into contact with poison, presumably accidentally. The woman died eight days after contact, man survived.

Investigators assume that poison was identical in both cases. On Wednesday, head of AM guarded also told me that y found traces of neurotoxin Nowitschok in a hotel room in London. There two Russian suspects had stopped at beginning of March.

Britain has applied for a European arrest warrant against men. Prosecutor Sue Hemming said that Russia is not seeking to extradite two men, as Russian law forbids extradition of ir own citizens. Russia, in turn, shared on Thursday that men would only be looking for an official request from UK. The spokesman of Russian government said that Russian leadership had nothing to do with case.

The case had already triggered a severe diplomatic crisis in summer, in which many Western states – including Germany – had more than 140 Russian diplomats. Russia reacted with similar measures.

On Thursday, UN Security Council will continue to deal with case at request of United Kingdom.

Date Of Update: 07 September 2018, 12:00

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