Protesters against vaccination attempt to storm the Bulgarian Parliament

SOFIA (Bulgaria) -- Wednesday saw protesters against COVID-19 restrictions in Bulgaria clash with police when they attempted to storm the Parliament in Sofia, the capital.

Protesters against vaccination attempt to storm the Bulgarian Parliament

Protesters were prevented from entering the building by a heavy police presence. Some were also detained. Several people were hurt in the clashes, including officers of police. The protestors were eventually dispersed and the building was sealed off by police.

At a demonstration against vaccine mandates and masks, violence broke out at an event organized by a nationalist group fiercely opposed to the anti-epidemic measures of the Bulgarian government.

Kostadin Kostadinov (leader of Vazrazhdane) stated that the protest was designed to end restrictive measures, and particularly, the first, unconstitutional green certification.

Opponents of coronavirus restrictions have supported the nationalist group that holds 13 seats in Parliament's larger 240-seat chamber.

Nearly 1,000 protesters waved national flags, sang patriotic songs and remained on the square in front the National Assembly. They said they would continue to remain there until their demands for the removal of mandatory face masks as well as the green vaccination status are fulfilled.

Bulgaria is currently facing an increase in infections and is the least vaccined country within the 27-member European Union. Only a third are fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

Prim Minister Kiril Petkov spoke from his home where he is currently quarantined to prevent him from coming in contact with infected persons. He called for calm and invited protestors to his office Friday to discuss their demands.

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