Puerto Rico will receive over $900m to rebuild its transportation infrastructure

Only 13% of Puerto Rico's highways have been found to be in good condition, as compared to the average of 84% in the U.S. mainland.

Puerto Rico will receive over $900m to rebuild its transportation infrastructure

SAN JUAN (Puerto Rico) -- On Thursday, the U.S. government declared that it will invest $1.14B to repair and rebuild roads, bridges and highways in Puerto Rico, and other U.S. Territories.

In the next five-years, Puerto Rico will receive more than $900m, while the U.S. Virgin Islands and American Samoa would each receive $240m.

"These funds will make life better," stated Stephanie Pollack, deputy administrator at the U.S. Federal Highway Administration.

Puerto Rico will receive $173 million the first year, with the rest of the U.S. territories receiving nearly $46 million.

Puerto Rico Gov. Pedro Pierluisi stated that the money would go towards construction projects, guardrails and reflectors, lighting, signage, and other purposes.

This announcement is made one day after Puerto Rico's federal control board released a fiscal plan for its Highways and Transportation Authority. It recommended an increase of more than 8.8% in annual tolls during fiscal year 2024 in order to improve road conditions.

According to the board, only 13 percent of Puerto Rico’s highways are in good shape, as compared to a median of 84% in the U.S. mainland. The board also stated that road fatalities in Puerto Rico are higher than the U.S. average.

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