QAnon: Trump's coalition is based on conspiracy theories

Donald Trump has won many followers by spreading conspiracy theories. But even left have weaknesses for conspiratorial, says expert Joseph Uscinski.

QAnon:   Trump's coalition is based on conspiracy theories
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    Joseph Uscinski is a political scientist at University of Miami. For ten years he has been researching how conspiracy ories arise and why people believe in m. He is co-author of book "American Conspiracy Theories" (Oxford, 2014), this year his second book appears. The page, which suspects a conspiracy of government behind attacks of September 11, called Uscinsky "1 enemy of Truth".

    Online Time: Mr. Uscinski, you just hear a lot of QAnon, a conspiracy ory, after which Hollywood actors, politicians of Democrats and officials both run a child trafficking ring and at same time planned a coup. Robert Mueller is refore working on behalf of President Donald Trump to prevent this coup. Why do people believe in such crude conspiracy ories?

    Joseph Uscinski: There are a multitude of explanations, psychologists, political scholars and historians all have different answers to this question. In short, each person tends to believe in such ories in different ways. Some may believe in a Oderzwei, ors on a whole series, ors believe in JedeVerschwörungsorie that y find.

    Online Time: It's easier for conspiracy orists when a country splits?

    Uscinski: Partly yes. In US, one half is Republican, not democratic. People on conservative side tend to believe in things like birr ory, which claims that Obama was not born in United States and forged his Geburtsur customer. Democrats tend to hang on to idea that George W. Bush blew up Twin Towers in New York to justify Iraq war.

    Online Time: Erreichensolche Ideas a majority?

    Uscinski: The good news is that se ories usually only reach those who tend to believe in such things anyway. And if it is a political conspiracy ory, consult in United States is also limited to one of two parties. In worst case scenario, 40 to 50 percent of a page believe in a ory.

    Online Time: What is purpose of se conspiracy ories?

    Uscinski: This can be quite different. Some put you in world to earn money, ors for fun. The true followers propagate m because y are truly convinced that y are true. They want to warn or people and prepare m for einenmöglichen battle. After a political defeat, y also serve to heal wounds. A defeat is Einfacherzu, if one believes that game Unfairwar from outset. The greatest conspiracy ory at moment is not QAnon, but conviction of left that re was a great Verschwörungzwischen Trump and Putin. This will explain election defeat. Wher this is true or not, y jeglichenBeweisen anticipate it.

    Online Time: But it is not just election losers who are in course of conspiracy ories, but also of party whose husband sits in White House. What is reason for this?

    Uscinski: Donald Trump has not focused on average voters in election campaign, but on those who believe AnVerschwörungsorien in beginning. That's how he won primaries. Erhat built his coalition on conspiracy ories.

    Online Time: WelcheTheorien was that?

    Uscinski: He used a different one almost every day. But bottom line was belief that political elites have abandoned interests of derAmerikaner in favor of foreign interests. That was his campaign.

    Online Time: So alone?

    Uscinski: No, Bernie Sanders did same on or side. He pastitis also focused on outsiders and voters who participated in so etwasglauben. His ory was that supreme and richest one percent of population controlled clear political and economic system. Damithat He won like Trump in primaries 40 percent of base.

    Date Of Update: 15 August 2018, 12:00

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