Refugee policy: Calculus, no change of heart

Donald Trump has ended the much criticized practice of separating children from their parents at the border. The decision of the US president has a political objective.

Refugee policy: Calculus, no change of heart

For a long time president has been accustomed to stubbornly: growing criticism of zero-tolerance policy, which led to thousands of children who had crossed border illegally with ir families, were separated from ir parents and placed in detention centres, He did as much as a personal responsibility. Only Congress could solve problem, explained Donald Trump, and rejected accusation that White House directive had only triggered current crisis. Objections mselves from ir own ranks, president could end precarious situation of children with a phone call, ignoring Trump.

On Wednesday came turn. It is true that zero-tolerance policy, after which all those who cross border illegally, is still in force. But on instructions of trumps, families should now remain toger during procedure. "We must be very strong, but we must also be compassionate," said president, after signing decree, and repeated almost literally an opinion of First Lady Melania Trump.

A rare admission of President

For president, surprising distraction was a rare admission. Over past few months, Trump has experienced little resistance from its own ranks with its forklift policy, even in major political decisions, such as trade dispute with Europe or withdrawal from Iran agreement. Trump has long been accepted in its own base with an approval of more than 80 percent, so that rejection in rest of country can be of little use. The Republicans shy away from publicly criticizing ir boss, especially as many in November have to fear for ir re-election and rely on Trump's support.

But now he seems to have been removed. Since weekend, images and audio recordings of children who have been on Internet have dominated network and media and developed into a full-blown political crisis for White House within a few days. Former first lady Laura Bush called separation of families "immoral" and "heartbreaking", New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan criticized that zero tolerance policy was "unjust, Unamerican and unchristian". The pope also intervened in debate. "The government has spanned bow," commented The Washington Post after decision on Wednesday. The White House is waving political white flag.

On Wednesday morning, Democratic parliamentarians had only invited several children from immigrants to Congress building and n demonstrated m. The risk that dispute over subject will take place until November congressional elections and that Democrats have important arguments in fight for seats was too great for president and his party.

Trump wants its opponents to take basis for criticism

Trump was refore looking for a way out of self-created crisis, New York Times wrote with reference to sources around White House. He was increasingly frustrated in face of widespread public criticism. With his decree, president wants political adversary to take basis of criticism now. But Trump continues to believe that his approach is appropriate and necessary.

The US president had apparently speculated that practice at border would put MEPs under pressure so that he could implement a comprehensive immigration reform according to his ideas. Again and again he had argued that only legislators could disarm situation and put blame on Democrats, who would be in way of an attempt to regulate immigration.

But political calculus did not come up: Although Conservatives are voting on two laws this week, no version currently has a political majority. And mood increasingly turned against president himself. The reasoning that only Congress could act was not followed by anyone. It shows that it was a political move and government's argument was simply dishonest, wrote about The Washington Post.

It is still unclear wher a presidential decree really makes crisis for White House out of world. A court ruling of 1997 prohibits authorities from detaining children for more than 20 days in an internment camp of immigration authorities and putting in place comprehensive security measures. This is true even if parents are re. As a result, US media reported that Government was preparing for action. With his attempt to get out of political line of fire as quickly as possible without abandoning his zero-tolerance policy, Trump is not on safe ground. If Congress does not yet find an early and comprehensive solution, issue could be pursued even longer by US president.

Date Of Update: 21 June 2018, 12:02

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