Refugee policy: Chaos days in the union

In the Bundestag, the alliance between the CDU and CSU itself holds an asylum debate. How much uncertainty remains about the future of the Union shows a false message.

Refugee policy: Chaos days in the union
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    At first glance, it looks like nothing has happened. The ranks of Bundestag are medium-full, normal for a Friday afternoon. Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer has taken place in first row of Government Bank, third chair from right. Beside him, place of chancellor, is free. Alexander Dobrindt runs between members of Union faction and distributes handshakes. The Bundestag has come toger at a current hour on subject of refugee policy.

    There is nothing normal at present in Union. On eve of meeting, CSU regional group decided at a sitting to disprove refugees at border, who have already lodged an application for asylum in anor EU country, in case of doubt with a single course of Interior minister. Chancellor Angela Merkel rejects this strictly and prefers bilateral agreements. If Seehofer were to be overtaken by Merkel, i.e. CSU chief over CDU chief, Coalition and group community could burst. Merkel's chancellorship would probably end.

    Meanwhile, subject of dispute has developed its own momentum, which Union itself can barely control. Any wrong word can lead to next crisis. There are several opportunities for this on Friday.

    The opposition has long since tried to capitalise on it. Twice FDP brings subject of dispute to Bundestag. The Liberals had already applied for current hour on refugee question on Monday, before great escalation of union dispute. The adoption of Law on family reunification was also long-established.

    But FDP has now changed its request to family reunification, which will be discussed in Parliament in morning. Now re is an addition in it that has nothing to do with family reunification: refugees who have already lodged asylum applications elsewhere should be rejected at border. That is exactly what CSU wants. A more visible attempt – in political Berlin in or constellations – to tear union at its current breaking place and to get as many CSU deputies as possible to vote against its Raisonst coalition.

    This time, however, clearly fails. 73 votes will be awarded to FDP application. So less than total of 80 deputies that she herself has been sitting in Bundestag. But how often will divided alliance still withstand such taunts? How long before a gefrusteter Christian socially whistles at coalition compulsion?

    Seehofer is unusual thin-skinned

    Four hours later current hour. And: Again, it works as if nothing had happened. Detlef Seif, interior politician of CDU, says that he has already 2015 possibility that "border police measures can be taken". The policy must decide who should come to Germany. The whole group claps, including Merkel camp. As with admonishing note, current situation is no reason to forget all political rules.

    And so it is, as soon as CSU man Michael Kuffer kicks behind lectern. He blasphemes about SPD. Where government, in Berlin and Brandenburg, re is not a single detention place.

    In Parliament, Union does not see any cracks. No one wants to spread current dispute large in plenary. One claps sincerely for speaker of respective sister party.

    A lot of things had accumulated in CSU

    The dispute continues elsewhere. In morning CDU general secretary Annegret Kramp-cart builder had turned to party members in a letter and warned of it before national solos. These could divide Europe. She is open to Merkel's course. Only a little later CSU chief replies. In Süddeutsche Zeitung, Seehofer says that CDU has been " cause of Division of Europe with decision on refugees 2015". And Next: "Mrs. Kramp-cart Builder presents us as provincial princes of Bavaria who have not understood European idea." So thin-skinned, orwise selbstbewusstenBayern seldom experienced.

    A lot of things are breaking out, which has accumulated over several years in CSU, even if this is currently not yet publicly addressed. After FDP 2013 had flown out of Bundestag, feeling of having been broken by Merkel had spread. Not quite as bad, but it is similar to some in CSU. It is not forgotten how big rumbling in Bavaria was against Merkel's Euro rescue course, against minimum wage or nuclear phaseout. So far, glossed has been result of ordinary election results. It's over now. This is also why Christian social is currently pumping a simple question to fundamental argument of faith.

    Date Of Update: 16 June 2018, 12:01

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