Refugee policy: CSU does not benefit from hard line

In the week following the end of the Union crisis, the survey values of Christian Social declined. According to a FORSA survey, the AfD receives more popularity in Bavaria.

Refugee policy: CSU does not benefit from hard line

According to a FORSA survey, CSU is damaging itself with its refugee policy and is driving AfD voter. In a survey created by Forsa for RTL/n-TV, CSU declined to 38 percent in Bavaria. If it were a Landtag election on Sunday, it would lose absolute majority.

In election 2013 party had reached 47.7 percent, in Forsa survey two weeks ago it was at 40 percent.

"Contrary to what CSU hoped for, it does not win new voters through dispute it instigated with CDU in refugee question, but furr weakens its constituents," said Forsa-chief Manfred Lutz.

In FORSA survey, AfD, on or hand, increases in Bavaria with 14 percent as well as in confederation with 16 percent to new limits. CSU chief Horst Seehofer and Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) had expressed his conviction at weekend that tightening of asylum policy was AfD weakness. "In fact, CSU of AfD is driving new followers," Lutz said. It is elected in Bavaria in October.

Damage to party

In Bavaria, according to survey, Greens would be second strongest force with 15 percent. The SPD declines to twelve percent, traditionally strong free voters in Bavaria are eight percent, and FDP would make its entry into Landtag with six percent after 3.3 percent 2013. The left remained below five-percent hurdle.

In federal government, too, Union atones a point to 30 percent in FORSA survey. Their coalition partner SPD remains at 17 percent and is only one point ahead of AfD. Compared to previous week, Greens are improving by one point to 13 percent, FDP remains at ten percent and left one point to nine percent.

Seehofer is not only a pity for his party and whole Union, but also undermines confidence in political system in general, said Forsa chief Lutz. "In end, Seehofer endangers laboriously achieved political stability and strengns anti-democratic forces." 60 percent (plus four points) currently do not trust any party to cope with problems in Germany. Only 20 percent trust union and even only seven percent of SPD.

For Bayern survey, Forsa had asked 1,003 voters from 4 to 6 July, for nationwide poll 2,502 voters from 2 to 6 July. Fault tolerance is up to 2.5 percentage points.

Date Of Update: 09 July 2018, 12:02

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