Refugee policy: No time for a European solution

Chancellor Angela Merkel wants a European solution in the refugee dispute. However, the great impact in a short time is completely unrealistic. But what then?

Refugee policy: No time for a European solution
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    It is only two more weeks until EU summit – and Viktor Orbán is once again crossing hill. The Hungarian prime Minister is now pleading in favour of not being able to vote on distribution of refugees at EU level for time being. "We should wait for people of Europe to make ir views known in elections 2019. May n come what might come," he said to Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAS) – The European elections will be held next May.

    Hungary has made an important contribution to protection of Schengen external border, said Orbán. "We keep Germany from 12,000 immigrants every day. We are border posts and we know what our duty is. " He will not accept a compromise on distribution of refugees. "There are questions where re is never agreement."

    In face of such sounds, a European solution, for which Chancellor Angela Merkel vehemently promotes, sounds almost naïve. It was not until Saturday that she said again that question of migration was a European challenge, which needed a European response. "And I consider this issue to be one of crucial factors for Europe's cohesion." Germany's bilateral agreements with or States, such as Italy or Greece, on withdrawal of already registered asylum seekers, Merkel rejects. This would only lead to Europe becoming more and more fragmented and Schengen Agreement – a Europe without border controls – being eroded, says chancellor's office according to FAs.

    More external Border guard is not a problem

    One thing ahead: all EU countries agree that external borders of European Union should be better protected. More money for Border protection agency Frontex, developed border patrols: this is what European governments can agree on. On or hand, countries disagree with regard to solidarity within EU: where to go with refugees who are already re? How can a reform of right of asylum be achieved? Questions that five Council presidencies have been unable to resolve successfully.

    The controversial situation has not changed for years. The Dublin system still applies: The Member State in which a refugee enters EU soil for first time is responsible for asylum procedure. And so it is primarily sourn states of Greece, Italy and Spain, which bear main burdens. The governments re have long been abandoned by or EU Member States.

    A look at numbers confirms that. In late summer of 2015, when refugee crisis was acute, EU interior ministers decided to move tens of thousands of refugees from Italy and Greece to or EU countries. The majority decision was extremely controversial; Countries such as Hungary and Slovakia were reluctant vehemently against it. As far as European solidarity is now at hand, current data show that Hungary and Poland have not received a single refugee since introduction of Schlüsselsim year 2015 – for this y have already scolded European court. The Czech Republic has adopted exactly twelve and Slovakia has 16 refugees. Germany, on or hand, more than 10,700.

    Date Of Update: 18 June 2018, 12:01

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