Refugees: Malu Dreyer accuses federal failures in deportation flights

The Prime Minister considers the number of deportation flights of refugees to be too small. Collective charter flights from several federal states are easier to organize.

Refugees: Malu Dreyer accuses federal failures in deportation flights

In view of Rhineland-Palatinate Prime Minister Malu Dreyer, confederation is organising too few collective flights for deportation of rejected asylum seekers. "This is still too little in terms of total number of cases," said SPD politician of German press agency. Especially in so-called Dublin cases, "we have a lot more people who have to go back than we basically have offers." According to Dublin agreement, refugees in EU country must apply for asylum in which y first entered, and can also be deported re.

Dreyer said that repatriation of refugees from several federal states with collective charter flights of federal government is easier and cheaper to organize per capita than numerous individual deportations with regular scheduled flights. "The federal police and a doctor are already re for charter flights."

On request, Federal Ministry did not comment on Dreyer's criticism for time being.

The federal Police organizes charter flights, as Dreyer calls m. These flights are subject to strict rules. First of all, foreigners ' authorities and Landespolizeien have to meet people who want to deport m and bring m to airport on time. Many deportations are already failing in this. Then often documents are missing, papers are not complete or identity is not clearly clarified. Again and again, fast track applications are still going through administrative court shortly before flight, which suspends deportation. Finally, anyone who is to be deported will be medically examined. Those who are not fit for flight will stay re. The flight coordinators of Federal police refore have to cancel flights over and over again.

At beginning of week, 15 Afghans had been deported to ir homeland in Frankfurt am Main in protest by refugee organisations.

Date Of Update: 27 May 2018, 12:02

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