Refugees: Seehofer calls suicide of deported Afghans deeply regrettable

After his deportation from Germany, an Afghan has taken his life. Against the interior minister Horst Seehofer, resignations were made loud, he rejected them.

Refugees: Seehofer calls suicide of deported Afghans deeply regrettable

An Afghan asylum seeker, deported from Germany a week ago, has taken his life after his return. According to International Organization for Migration (IOM), he was found in an accommodation of organization in Kabul. There, organization grants returning refugees who do not know where to stay, for a few days accommodation. The man from norrn Afghan province of Balkh was refore 23 years old and had lived in Germany for eight years.

The Federal Ministry confirmed that setting up of local authorities indicated a suicide. The Mannsei in Germany had been legally convicted for stealing UndKörperverletzung.

The Minister of Interior Horst Seehofer (CSU) was concerned about death of man in evening: "This is deeply regrettable and we should also deal with it objectively and respectfully," he said on margins of an EU ministerial meeting in Innsbruck. The Confederation was not responsible for selection of refugees for deportation flight. "The fugitive was reported to us by Hanseatic City of Hamburg," said Seehofer. He didn't want to push off responsibility. But Länder would choose refugees. The Hamburg authorities would have to say why this man was chosen.

With recent deportation flight from Germany, federal government and countries with 69 passengers had unusually deported many rejected asylum seekers. Bavaria alone had sent 51 people back. The federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) had expressed his satisfaction with unusually high number of deportees on day before: "On my 69 birthday, 69 – that was not so ordered by me – had been brought back to Afghanistan. This is far above what has been usual ".

He did not know about suicide until Wednesday morning, said Seehofer. At time of his controversial remarks about deportation flight, he had not yet known about it. He accused his critics of deliberately abusing utterances associated with his birthday.

In afternoon, Federal Ministry had already expressed his regret at death of deported. On Twitter, ministry shared that this was "a deeply unfortunate incident." One is in close contact with Afghan authorities to determine circumstances. Contact was also made with city of Hamburg, which had been responsible for repatriation.

"Cynics", "morally overwhelmed", "obviously wrong in office"

In course of day re had been criticism of opposition due to Seehofer's original utterance – and also from ranks of coalition partner SPD. Party vice-president Thorsten Schäfer-Gümbel tweeted that cynicism forbids that last few hours have proved once again. Bundestag vice-President Thomas Oppermann (SPD) called deportations in world as a serious matter: "You don't make jokes." Juso boss Kevin Kühnert wrote on Twitter that Seehofer was a "patic cynic and not up to office character." His resignation was overdue.

Resignation claims against Seehofer were heard from opposition parties. The Chairman of Human Rights Committee in Bundestag, Gyde Jensen (FDP), told Tagesspiegel that Seehofer was "obviously wrong in office" because of his cynical remarks.

Asylum policy-seehofer jokes about deportations on his birthday on his 69 birthday, 69 people were deported to Afghanistan, said Interior Minister Horst Seehofer. Left and green criticize Seehofer's statements. © Photo: Kay Riveter/DPA

The Parlamentatische managing director of Bundestag links group, Jan Korte, said that it was high time that Seehofer went. "Anyone who, for reasons of profiling, deports young people who have spent a large part of ir lives in Federal Republic of Germany into dangers of a war and crisis area and into hopelessness, bears much of responsibility, if this is 69. Years of age. "

Green Group chief Anton Hofreiter told editorial network Germany that Seehofer was "quite obvious (...) In his office morally overwhelmed and simply unsuitable to perform his duties responsibly ". His party girlfriend and Bundestag vice president Claudia Roth called on federal government to suspend deportations to Afghanistan. Seehofer must SEE: "The Linguistic and political brutalization that he and his CSU are advancing on a daily basis must have an end."

Date Of Update: 12 July 2018, 12:02

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