Refugees: Spanish ship rescues 59 people in the Mediterranean

The 34; open arms 34; Has migrants on board and wants to drive a safe haven. Italy's Minister of the Interior delegitimized the helpers.

Refugees: Spanish ship rescues 59 people in the Mediterranean

Despite WeigerungItaliens to provide access to ships with migrants and migrants, a spanischeHilfsorganisation has saved numerous Menschenaus to Mediterranean. The NGO Proactiva Open arms twittered on Saturday that it had 59 people on board and was on way to a safe haven. However, it was not clear wher and by whom ship was assigned.

"Despite obstacles we continue to protect right to life of Unsichtbarenzu," Proactiva wrote. The rescued people come from tweet according to 14 different countries, four of 59 rescued are supposed to be underage.

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Italy has blocked its Häfenfür private rescue ships and does not want Proactiva to be retracted. Interior Minister Matteo Salvini said that Proactiva could "forget to arrive in an Italian port". The ship is in LibyschenGewässern, sail under Spanish flag – and next port is Malta. "Stopping people smuggling mafia," demanded Salvini, " less people drop, less die". Italy wants Libyan coast Guard to intercept migrants and bring m back to DasBürgerkriegsland.

Malta criticizes Salvinis demand that ship should drive a Maltese port. The Italian island of Lampedusa is much closer, said Interior Minister Michael Farrugia.

"Interference in work of Coast Guard"

Italy's interior Minister Salvini spoke PrivatenRetterinnen and rescuers in Mediterranean in principle legitimacy. "You no longer have permission. No one is allowed to interfere in work of Libyan coast Guard, "said politician of part right-wing extremist Lega Corriere della Sera. This was based on information from Italian prime minister, Giuseppe Conte, which was to be held after EU summit: "Malta is closing its ports and Italienhat is already closing its ports. Even more, we do not allow such ships to be created, even if y do not have migrants on board. "

Although DieDublin provisions have not been amended to require refugees in EU land asylum where y first enter union's soil, Salvini said. Abernun said that migrants who had been rescued in Maltese or Italian waters did not necessarily land in Italy: "This is something that will not help us a little."

The attitude of Salvinis led to a dissent in Italian government coalition. The President of Parliament's House of Deputies, Roberto Fico of five-Star Movement, said after attending a reception center for migrants in Einersizilianischen port city that he would not close ports. Libya is "keinOrt with certainty". Fico called for more solidarity with Migrantenauf. These would have "dramatic stories that touch heart".

Italienskompromissloser Course has zuletzterschwert work of private rescue ships. The ships Aquarius of SOS Méditerranée and Lifeline DerDresdner Organization Mission Lifeline were not allowed in Italian ports Createand had to endure with hundreds of migrants for days on sea. The Aquarius was finally allowed to invest in Spain, lifeline in Malta. However, Maltese government has also announced a tougher policy against helpers.

Panic after fire on a wooden boat

Meanwhile, fate of about 100 refugees missing in Mediterranean remains unclear. It is feared that after capsize a boat off Libyan coast y all drowned. According to Coast guard of country, about 120 people were travelling mainly from Africa on überfülltenHolzboot. A Überlebenderhabe reports that engine of boat is on fire and a panic has erupted. According to Coast Guard, 16 people were rescued.

Libya's coast guard once again caught hundreds of refugees in Mittelmeerab. In several operations more than 450 people were admitted, DieKüstenwache shared on Saturday. Already on Friday evening she had declared 345Menschen to have taken up on board three boats.

Date Of Update: 01 July 2018, 12:02

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