Riots in Chemnitz: protection of the Constitution should have warned police in Chemnitz early

The Chemnitz authorities were apparently informed of the protection of the Constitution, that riots could be expected again. Thus, the warning has been in the afternoon since Monday.

Riots in Chemnitz: protection of the Constitution should have warned police in Chemnitz early

The police in Chemnitz and or Saxon police authorities were informed of a major influx of extremists before riots on Monday evening. According to information of Tagesspiegel, Saxon constitutional protection had warned in a "situation assessment", from all over Saxony and or federal states, right-wing extremists, hooligans, rights fighters and or members of right scene to Right-wing extremists ' safety for Chemnitz ' demonstration.

The homicide of a German national "with participation of suspects with a migration background results in a very high degree of emotionalisierungs", says paper. Due to nationwide mobilization and arrival statements "The number of participants is expected in lower to middle four-digit range". Attacks by right-wing extremists on political opponents, police as well as on "neural sites" such as campaign offices and refugee shelters are not to be ruled out.

It is not understandable why police did not react

The intelligence service also reported that 200 Autonomouss from Leipzig, Thuringia and Lower Saxony were to be expected in Chemnitz. The information was sent Monday noon to Chemnitz Police Directorate, municipal Ordnungsamt, Saxon state Criminal Police Office, Provincial Directorate of Police, Directorate of Federal Police in Pirna as well as nationwide Federation of authorities for Protection of Constitution.

As Tagesspiegel learned from safety circles, right-wing extremists from all over Saxony as well as from Saxony-Anhalt, Thuringia, Brandenburg, Berlin and or countries gared on Monday evening in Chemnitz.  It was not understandable why Chemnitz police did not have sufficient powers in spite of warnings of protection of Constitution.

Date Of Update: 29 August 2018, 12:00

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