Robert Mueller: New indictment against Trump's ex-campaign manager

Again, the US special investigator Mueller has extended the accusations against Paul Manafort. He should have tried to persuade witnesses to make false statements.

Robert Mueller: New indictment against Trump's ex-campaign manager

US special investigator Robert Mueller has raised anor indictment against Donald Trump's former campaign leader Paul Manafort and accused him of obstruction of justice. In addition to Manafort, Mueller's team also presented an indictment of his longtime confidant Konstantin Kilimnik, who, according to media reports, should have connections to Russian secret Service. He is also accused of obstruction of justice. Both accusations were made known by publication of court documents.

Manafort led election campaign of today's US president from June to August 2016. The points of action against him do not directly deal with it. They are related to his political lobbying in Eastern Europe, among ors for Ukrainian government. In addition to new charges, he must be responsible for criminal conspiracy, tax evasion and money laundering of 30 million US dollars in front of a court in federal capital of Washington, among or things. He pleaded not guilty. The indictment resulted from investigation of Mueller, which led FBI special investigator because of presumed Russian influence of US presidential election 2016.

Mueller's team accused Manafort this week of trying to persuade witnesses to make false statements in course of investigation. It was supposed to have been lobbying work y had done for him. Investigators accuse Kilimnik of having helped Manafort to influence witnesses.

It is second time since October that an indictment against Manafort has been extended to additional points. His co-accused Rick Gates pleaded guilty in February and agreed to cooperate with Public Prosecutor's office. Observers suspect that Mueller, with most recent accusations, could pursue goal of Manaforting a guilty confession and thus securing testimony of a major campaign advisor, trumps.

Date Of Update: 09 June 2018, 12:02

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