Robert Mugabe: Zimbabwe's ex-dictator does not want to vote for successor

Just before the presidential elections in Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe has spoken. The long-time head of state is hoping for a deelection of the government.

Robert Mugabe: Zimbabwe's ex-dictator does not want to vote for successor

Zimbabwe's former head of state, Robert Mugabe, does not want to support candidate of governing party that he has led for decades in presidential election on Monday. "I will not vote for those who have illegally seized power," said 94-year-old. He hopes government will be voted out.

The long-time dictator had been forced out of office in November by a military coup. They were "evil and devious characters" who would have removed him from power after 37 years, Mugabe said. He was resigned back n to avoid bloodshed.

Mugabe's successor became his longtime confidant Emmerson Mnangagwa in November. His most promising challenger in election is 40-year-old lawyer and Pastor Nelson Chamisa. On opposition candidate, Mugabe said, "he seems to be doing well at his rallies."

Whoever wins election is faced with enormous challenges. Mugabe's policy of expropriating white land owners at beginning of millennium, Zimbabwe's economy plunged into a deep crisis. Agriculture collapsed, especially important production of tobacco and maize.

It was followed by recession and hyperinflation. The health system collapsed, more than 3,000 people died within a few months as a result of diarrhoeal disease cholera. At DemHöhepunkt crisis 2008/09 cost a piece of butter 100 trillion Zimbabwe dollars.

Date Of Update: 30 July 2018, 12:00

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