Romania: Ban on marriage for all to be in the Constitution

A referendum in Romania is intended to ensure that marriage for same-sex couples cannot be introduced. Millions support the project.

Romania: Ban on marriage for all to be in the Constitution

The voters in Romania are expected to vote in October on wher ban on marriage of same-sex partners should be included in Constitution. The Senate – The House of Parliament – approved by a large majority a corresponding petition by Movement Coalition for family, which had signed three million Romanians.

Previously, House of Representatives had already agreed. In order for referendum to be possible, it must now approve Constitutional Court. The majority of constitutional judges have so far supported social-liberal government, which wants to push referendum forward.

The initiators want to achieve that ban on marriage gets for AlleVerfassungsrang. Currently, Romania's Basic Law defines marriage as a gender-neutral covenant between "spouses". Conservative, especially religious circles, want this term to be explicitly replaced by "man and woman". That is to evade possible plans for legalizing marriage for all constitutional basis.

In Civil Code, marriage is committed as a covenant between man and woman, so closing of same-sex marriages is not possible. Romanian law also does not allow same-sex partnerships. Homosexuality was banned until 2001.

The Coalition for family is also supported by numerous opposition politicians from bourgeois-liberal camp. However, ir parties assert that voting behaviour is given to conscience of individual members.

Date Of Update: 12 September 2018, 12:00

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