Russia affair: FBI agent dismissed after statements about Trump

Because of his critical news about Donald Trump, Peter Strzok has to go. He had been involved in the investigation of Russia against the US president.

Russia affair: FBI agent dismissed after statements about Trump

The U.S. federal Police FBI has dismissed a former participant in Russia investigation against U.S. president Donald Trump. Peter Strzok had been excluded from investigation by special investigator Robert Mueller after text messages had become known to a colleague. In se, Strzok Trump had criticized sharply. The FBI n examined wher Strzok could continue to be employed.

Peter Strzok had already been released on Friday, although an internal disciplinary procedure recommended only a suspension for 60 days and a downgrading of his rank, his lawyer Aitan Goelman told portal Politico and or US media. The FBI did not want to comment on case on request. Trump wrote on Twitter that Strzok was finally released.

Strzok was one of investigators in email affair to Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and later became part of Russia investigation. This examines a possible entanglement of Trump's campaign camp in alleged Russian influence on presidential election 2016. US secret services have long been certain that Russia has tampered with election.

Strzok left team of special investigator Mueller back in July 2017, after text messages were discovered by him and FBI lawyer Lisa Page with whom he had an affair. In one of news from year 2016 wrote page, Trump will hopefully never become president. Strzok replied, "No. No, he won't. We're going to stop this. "

Trump sees Russia's investigations politically motivated

Trump sees it as evidence that investigations in Russia affair are politically motivated. In his tweet, president reiterated that investigation was a "total hoax." He also demanded that investigation against Clinton be re-rolled because of use of private servers.

Strzok was recently interviewed by United States House of Representatives ' Judiciary Committee for ten hours. To text message, he said she had been a reaction to Trump's insulting statements against family of a fallen U.S. soldier.

Date Of Update: 14 August 2018, 12:00

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