Russia: The Putin critic, in which even the opposition doubts

Because of his uncompromising plugged, journalist Arkady Babtschenko also participated in Russia's opposition. This doubts the version of the staged assassination.

Russia: The Putin critic, in which even the opposition doubts
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    It is said in Russia that we should only say good or silence about dead. Therefore, many Russians should now be doubly relieved. Not only because it turned out that assassination attempt on Arkady Babtschenko had been staged by Ukrainian Secret Service. But also because it was no longer necessary to remain silent in piety to supposedly killed journalist.

    For good about Babtschenko was heard in Russia, especially in those hours when journalist was officially considered dead, seemingly from behind shot in front of his Kiev apartment. With far too many in Russia, journalist had rowing in recent years, who once made a name for himself as a war and crisis reporter of famous Novaya Gazeta. Many in Russia resent his unscrupulous criticism of Russian President Vladimir Putin and, increasingly, Russia as a country and society, for example when he publicly refused to pity victims of a plane crash. Those who had died were mainly artists who were travelling to Syria with a military machine for appearances before Russian troops.

    Right in one of his first Facebook posts after supposed assassination attempt, Babtschenko wrote that he still wants to dance to Putin's tomb one day and make a selfie with an American Abrams tank on Moscow's boulevard Tverskaya. In a briefing in front of journalists on Thursday, 41-year-old said that he hated Putin personally because he was responsible for wars and thousands of deaths. Also in his semi-satirical TV show on Crimean Tatar channel ATR, Babtschenko hardly spares his compatriots and recently recommended a treatment of Russians with Haloperidol, a remedy against schizophrenia, which is best distributed out of a helicopter Should.

    "Summit of Cynicism"

    Not least because of such statements, re is great scepticism in Moscow outside propaganda media and public, as usual, patriotic. As a journalist, Babtschenko was no longer considered objective even among Kremlin critics. Independent observers in Moscow do not trust his words much more than official speeches from Foreign ministry or Putin's press department.

    The official bodies now spoke of "summit of cynicism" and "rampant Russophobia". But also very popular and independent portal Medusa wrote a list of questions to Ukrainian Secret Service SBU, in which it is pointed out that re is still no evidence of a trail to Russia. And that SBU boss has already made contradictory statements as to why staging should have been necessary.

    Or critical media from Russia also made accusations to Ukrainian side. Kirill Martynov of oppositional Novaya wrote, for example: whole has potential to become a new Skripal case if SBU can present evidence. However, simple statements by executor did not suffice. The Independent newspaper Vedomosti wrote in a comment: The societies in Ukraine and Russia would have right to more than just fleeting words. It would have to be hard, irrefutable evidence.

    Babtschenko would be by far not first Kremlin critic from Russia, who also has to fear for his life abroad. The lethal poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko and apparently failed assassination of Sergei Skripal raise many questions that are inadequately answered by Vladimir Putin and his secret services. Added to this are unenlightened murders of journalists such as Anna Politkovskaya or opposition politician Boris Nemtsov. In all cases, rulers justify with usual formulation that murders of Russian government are rar detrimental than good. Neverless, authorities have not managed to identify murderers.

    Date Of Update: 01 June 2018, 12:02

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