Sahra Wagon-Servant: Collection of the Divided

The left dream of everyone pulling together – only they don't know which one. Can the collection movement of Sahra wagon-servant change something about it?

Sahra Wagon-Servant: Collection of the Divided
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    A fantasy goes around in Europe, fantasy of collection of left – yes, actually wafts it through entire Western world. Now, of course, you don't know exactly what left is. This is also a bit of a fact that much of energy of many left-wingers is dies to hold to or leftists that y are not real left. Which we are already in middle of problem.

    The left has a certainty: that it is not at all good about left. But y also have a suspicion: that this should not be case.

    Of kind, for example: basically we would have many people on our side, it would not be so hard to inspire m for left-wing ideas, i.e. justice and freedom. But problem is that left is lacking unity, of living parties and of courage to ambitious goals. And in addition to integrative leaders, in which hopes of broad populations can be condensed.

    Robert Misik

    Robert Misik, born 1966, lives and works as a freelance journalist and writer in Vienna. He has worked intensively on history of Social Democracy and wrote a biography about former Austrian Chancellor Christian Kern.

    All this is certainly not entirely wrong.

    So now a "collection movement" in Germany – "Stand up". Sahra Wagon-servant has threaded m, through skillful networks. No party should be, God forbid. A civic movement that encompasses actors, writers, scientists, and simple disgruntled activists. A uniting from below, from base. Sounds nice. But is that also?

    Doubtful of basic ideas

    If you look at whole thing more closely and think about it, it all seems a bit like a mistake, like a sham pack and also doubtful of basic ideas. Even a mistake, because it will not change basic problem of local linker.

    Many people look to United States with some enthusiasm, where something completely unexpected has happened: Democratic socialism has won millions of followers. Bernie Sanders became a star and almost won Democratic presidential nomination. But what he has triggered is also effective on lower levels. Gripping figures like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are put on plate by Democratic Party in primaries and will soon move into Congress with clear majorities. And didn't a linker like Jeremy Corbyn put Labour party in UK in polls at 40 percent? Compare this once with 17 percent in which SPD Herumgrundelt!

    Now, although neir Sanders nor Corbyn have fought for strategic majorities in elections, examples also show that y are carried out that entire bearing to left of center is not divided, but United. The Sanders people use old dusty Democratic Party as ir platform, and in Britain re is nothing of relevance on left except Labour. This, of course, also has to do with electoral systems of se countries, but it leads to left pulling toger if re is a candidate behind which y can rally.

    In Germany, however, such a thing will remain unthinkable for foreseeable future. No matter who goes into race, Greens will make mselves strong for green candidates, link savers for those of left and SPD supporters for a Social Democrat (okay, y will all also rumnörgeln on ir own front people, and that is also part of problem). And all ors will stand on sidelines and stay away from parties. This will also not change a collection movement from below. A collection movement that collects people who n gegeneinanderstehen only in competition in electoral campaigns only makes little sense and changes nothing to lack of majority capacity of a split left.

    Date Of Update: 03 September 2018, 12:00

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