Sahra Wagon servant: Left collection movement to start in September

Sahra wagon servant sees potential for a movement that could include members of other parties. The first Social Democrat has already declared his participation.

Sahra Wagon servant: Left collection movement to start in September

The Bundestag group chief of left, Sahra, wants to start left-wing collection movement in September. She also sees great potential due to many positive reactions, she said in ARD broadcast report from Berlin.

Supplied by wagon-servant and her husband Oskar Lafontaine aspired movement should generally be open to auchMitgliedern of or parties. The two left-wing politicians begründendie need for a new movement in that classical left-wing parties no longer have a majority. Wagenknechtsagte, she also sees potential of "many who are just organized in AnderenParteien and are dissatisfied, especially in SPD".

DieFührung of Left party around Katja tipping and Bernd Riexinger rejects EineSammlungsbewegung because she fears to make Left Party redundant.

Alserster well-known SPD politician, Rudolf Dressler, former parliamentary secretary of State, explained his support for collection movement. "Anor leftist policy in this country istallein with my party no longer possible," Dressler said to mirror.

Date Of Update: 28 May 2018, 12:02

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