Sahra Wagon-Servant: your Existential moment

Sahra wagon servant wants to present her left collection movement in a few days. What is the political goal? And who is supposed to be collected?

Sahra Wagon-Servant: your Existential moment
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    In a politician's life, re are usually two kinds of existential moments. The unplanned, which are considered a favorable or unfavorable opportunity. And planned ones where you can literally watch a career go to a tipping-off. Even if Sahra Wagonman enters chamber of federal press conference next Tuesday with her fellows, and her collection moves from idea to practice, one will wonder: in which direction does she tip?

    The left-wing group leader has closely linked ir own career to movement, invested time and power as in no project, and wher whole thing is going well or bad, one thing has already been done: probably never before has a plan been so heated which public knew so little about.

    There is a website with nice but innocuous videos, a few feuilleton texts of more or less prominent intellectuals who express mselves more or less friendly to wagon-plans, and a flurry of editorials and comments that for and – before all Things – to discuss contradiction of such a movement.

    Some critics smoke quickly, ors only get out of inner cosmos of Left party. But now, a few days before start of movement, unresolved questions and provoking accusations that have means to stifle every movement in bud are clearly evident.

    Can you move from top?

    If idea really is to become a movement, it will be none that arose, but one that was founded. In beginning was not spontaneous indignation that formed and finally organized – but a plan.

    That doesn't necessarily have to be a problem. The movements of Democratic US presidential candidate Bernie Sanders or British Labour chief Jeremy Corbyn did not come from below, eir. In beginning, re were established politicians who had a project and were able to act so moving. Or, through and through organic movements, such as last Occupy, failed, on or hand, precisely opposite problem: that y did not succeed in giving spontaneous, eruptive an institutional form.

    But you will not get around that it needs supporters for a move – and that se supporters do not want to be coordinated from top, but want to decide from below. In background of chariot campaign, a team of mostly younger people is working, as it is called, volunteering for participation formats for potential activists, from which first an agenda and finally a political campaign is to be created. No one wants to say exactly how this should work.

    The organizers of collection movement are currently trying to dispel impression that aufstehen are a mere wagon-servant event. But so far it is completely open to what proportion movement wants to enter already established organizations and movements. The French founder of left movement la France Rip Curl, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, was able to rely on support of leftist trade unionists and activists, also Corbyn and Sanders had appropriate alliances and networks to give m loyalties Secured. Wagon-Servant is, you hear, very anxious to gain support for your project at board level of trade unions, but no one is officially willing to admit it at moment.

    Date Of Update: 02 September 2018, 12:00

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