Scott Pruitt: Head of the US environmental agency resigns

Scott Pruitt has resigned after a series of scandals. U.S. President Donald Trump had long held the controversial head of the US environmental agency EPA.

Scott Pruitt: Head of the US environmental agency resigns

The director of US Environmental agency, Scott Pruitt, will resign. President Donald Trump told via Twitter that he had accepted resignation request Pruitts.

In face of ever-new accusations against Pruitt, White House had already made a critical statement about tax wastage and or dubious decisions. "We know about numerous reports and president is going after m," said a spokesman. The reports on Pruitt are worrying.

Pruitt was talking about escalating travel expenses and his desire for additional security protection, extraordinary wage increases for trusted advisors, and a suspicious and advantageous rental business with a lobbyist's wife – while Negotiated a concern with EPA.

US president Donald Trump had long been behind Pruitt. At beginning of April, he defended chief of EPO against accusations of wasting taxpayers ' money. Pruitt is doing "great work," Trump wrote on Twitter. The US president justified high cost of security measures with "death threats" received by Chief of authorities for his "courageous action."

Pruitt is considered a loyal follower of trumps

Trump's speech n followed a Wall Street Journal report that chief of staff at White House, John Kelly, had recommended a resignation of Pruitts after a series of negative headlines. Pruitt is regarded as a loyal follower of trumps, especially in elimination of environmental regulations by his authority.

In April, more than 170 congressional members of opposition Democrats signed a letter calling Pruitt to resign. At least three Republican MPs in House of Representatives also demanded his resignation or his dismissal.

On Monday, a video published on Facebook caused a stir in which a woman Pruitt in a restaurant to resign. The chief of EPA should take this consequence "because of what y do to environment and our country," said teacher Kristin Mink with her child on arm in video. She criticized that Pruitt does not protect environment and deny human-made climate change.

Date Of Update: 06 July 2018, 12:02

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