Sebastian Kurz: Austria wants to use EU border guards in North Africa

Austria's chancellor calls for the deployment of Frontex employees in African countries. Migrants should be prevented from crossing the Mediterranean Sea.

Sebastian Kurz: Austria wants to use EU border guards in North Africa

From point of view of Austrian Chancellor Sebastian, EU border guards should also be working in North Africa in future to prevent migrants from crossing Mediterranean Sea. The Border protection agency Frontex needs a new mandate to be used vmin third countries with agreement of Local government, said Conservative politician of world at Sonntag.Es go "to end dirty business model of tugs and to Prevent tugs boats from ever erstauf dangerous road over Mediterranean. " Außerdemsollte Frontex considers that "illegal migrants at DenAußengrenzen stop, supply and n ideally send back country of origin or transit immediately".

In principle, DieVorschläge also supported European Commission to increase EU Grenzschutztruppenauf 10,000 people. "The targeted target 2027 factis far too late. It must go much faster if wirkünftig want to effectively prevent illegal migration, "said head of government.

The UmstritteneVerteilung of refugees for quotas in Europe for months in EU is not realistic. He said that migration crisis could not be detached in long term. "I do not see that Austria can accept refugee quotas, especially if se denZustrom of previous years do not take into account." Furr said in short: "The basis of a functioning state is that a country also decides itself which and how many people may wander."

Bulgaria sets a compromise on refugee rates

On or hand, in order to resolve dispute over dieReform of European asylum policy, BulgarischeEU Presidency is proposing a new compromise proposal: refugees should only be automatically redistributed in EU if, like 2015, many refugees arrive. In year, almost 900,000 refugees arrived in Germany.

GroßeSorge is briefly preparing internal state of EU, as he said. "DerWesten scolds over east, north complains about Südenund vice versa. There are always moralischÜberlegenen in EU who believe that y have to educate ors. " It gebeaber also "disciplined who are afraid of DenHaushaltssündern," he said. "I see it with great care." Austria will delivery EU presidency in July for six months.

Date Of Update: 27 May 2018, 12:02

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