Sergei Lavrov: Russian foreign minister travels to North Korea

Sergei Lavrov visits a surprising Pyongyang at a possible summit between the USA and North Korea. With threats, disarmament is not to be solved, he said.

Sergei Lavrov: Russian foreign minister travels to North Korea

In midst of negotiations for a summit between North Korea and USA, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov visits North Korean capital Pyongyang. The talks on Thursday will deal with bilateral relations and situation on Korean peninsula, Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Moscow.

Russia is a long-standing ally of Communist leadership of North Korea. Moscow calls for a nuclear disarmament of North Korea, which is to be achieved by negotiation, not by pressure.

With ultimatums and threat of violence, such problems cannot be solved, Lavrov said with a view to USA. "Perhaps such methods are effective in business world. But to escalate to deescalate poses serious risks in modern international relations. "

US president Donald Trump has cancelled a summit meeting with North Korea's head of state Kim Jong Un, scheduled for June 12th. However, as Pyongyang was still open to talks, Trump changed course and stated that meeting was still possible.

Date Of Update: 30 May 2018, 12:01

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