Slovenia: Anti-immigrant party wins election in Slovenia

In Slovenia, the right politician Janez Janša receives the most votes. He wants to take action against refugees and migrants. His role model and supporter: Viktor Orbán.

Slovenia: Anti-immigrant party wins election in Slovenia

Diemigrationsfeindliche Party SDS of former MinisterpräsidentenJanez Janša has won parliamentary election in Slovenia. Dierechtskonservative opposition party received 25 of 90 seats in DerVolksvertretung, as national television on basis of VonNachwahlbefragungen shared.

Zweistärkstepolitische force was thus Erstmalsangetretene LMS Party of mayor and former KomikersMarjan Sarec with 13 mandates. The Zentrumsparteides rejoined Prime Minister was nurdrittstärkste with 9.8 percent of party.

Wher it comes to a government formation under election winner Janša, however, is questionable – politically it is largely isolated.

Political support from Orbán

In case of EinerRegierungsübernahme, 59-year-old announced closure of country against refugees and migrants. His role model is Dasbenachbarte Hungary under Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, who appeared at an election rally of SDS. He described Janša as "guarantor for survival of Slovenian people". Orbán Giltals is one of largest immigration critics among undRegierungschefs in EU.

At SeinerStimmabgabe in capital Ljubljana, Janša declared parliamentary election to be beginning of a grundsätzlichenWandels in his country. "I believe that a first step is being taken today to make Slovenia a country that puts a Slovenian, its security and its well-being first," he said.

The StaatspräsidentSloweniens, Borut Pahor, announced that he would first appoint election winner with DerRegierungsbildung. Janšawar has twice been head of government (2004 to 2008 and 2012 to 2013). WegenKorruption, he sat in prison for a short time. He was devoted in DerParlamentswahl 2014 after a bribery affair.

The parliamentary election took place a few weeks earlier than in four-year period. The reason for this was sudden resignation of Prime Minister Miro Cerar in March due to a failed railway project.

Date Of Update: 04 June 2018, 12:01

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