Space force: USA want to start up 2020 space force

The US government has given the goal of gaining dominance in space. This is important to protect the interests of the country, says vice president Mike Pence.

Space force: USA want to start up 2020 space force

The US government has concretized its plans for a so-called Space Force – a sixth US part force in space. As Vice-president Mike Pence shared in Pentagon, Force for defense in space will be built up to year 2020. "The time has come to start United States space force," Pence said. He called on Congress to agree to plans. He furr announced that President Donald Trump's government will initially ask Congress to do so in 2020 defense budget by eight billion dollars for a five-year period.

Pence referred to development of space weapons by Russia and China, which could threaten US satellites and interfere with navigation systems such as GPS. "It's not enough just to have an American presence in space. We must have American dominance in space. And we will, "said Pence. "Peace comes only through force. In field of space, United States Space Force will be this force in next few years. "

The Pentagon presented a report on Thursday on construction of this space force. These included, among or things, a space development organization and creation of a unit of experts who would be trained as "space warfare professionals". In addition, a new US space command is to be launched "to improve and develop space warfare."

"Protecting vital US interests"

The Pentagon report stated that aim was to "protect vital US interests in space." The US must have unrestricted access to space and operate freely "to advance America's security, economic prosperity, and scientific knowledge."

Apart from army, Navy, Air Force, Naval Infantry Corps and Coast Guard, space force is to become sixth independent partial force of United States. The budget for financial year 2020 will be sent to Congress in February 2019.

Trump had proposed creation of a space force for first time in March. In June, he instructed Pentagon to "start important process of establishing space force as sixth branch of armed forces." The space force should be separate from and equivalent to or sub-forces.

Date Of Update: 10 August 2018, 12:00

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