SPD: This time they want to stay hard

For the SPD, the case of Hans-Georg Maaßen is about fundamental. Most social Democrats want to avoid a break from the Coalition – but not all of them.

SPD: This time they want to stay hard
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    The SPD stand for fight against right and against AfD, called Chancellor candidate Martin Schulz in campaign 2017 of DenBühnen of Republic and received a lot of applause. As Schulz, now a simple Bundestag member, now wanted AfD Bundestag group chief Alexander Gaula on "dung heap of history", this many found something to Krawallig. In SPD, however, he was celebrated for it.

    Because confrontation with right-wing extremism is an identification issue for many Social Democrat and Social Democrats. This is also why party is not so easy to give in in dispute over future of controversial President of constitutional protection Hans-Georg Maaßen.

    Lastly, SichRechtsextreme have shown openly and victoriously on German roads, to Teilim step with AfD officials. But instead of expressing his concerns, President of Constitution, in a conversation with picture, questioned aunticity of a video that shows how right-wing extremists in Chemnitz attack people on street. Maaßen Oracle, video should in fact distract from "murder" of asylum seekers in a German. However, WegenTotschlags is determined, aunticity of video is also proven and dead German has been thought of by all leading politicians. His Unwahrheitenhat Maaßen never corrected publicly.

    Ultimatum to coalition partner

    This has outraged SPD leaders. The numerous Übergriffeauf foreign-looking people and dissidents, to whom it has been proven in Chemnitz, but also in or places, were, of all things, head of domestic intelligence small talk, it is said. In process, SPD members were also personally affected by attacks: a group, for example, who had participated in a counter-demonstration at invitation of SPD MEP Sören Bartol, reported attacks by extremes of case. Only police have been able to protect m.

    Maaßen is controversial not only because of statements about Chemnitz: There are reports of possible assistance and advice from chief of AfD for protection of Constitution, he should have made available to individual members preliminary information from Constitutional Protection report .

    Also because Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) held demonstratively to Maaßen despite all criticism, SPD is now looking for conflict in coalition: "For SPD party leadership is absolutely clear, dassMaaßen must go", was demand that party leadership after some Hours of reflection sent by press release. It is nothing or than an ultimatum to coalition partner.

    How far would SPD go?

    The Social Democrats, Dieschon so many compromises with Union, want to remain hard this time, y are talking about a "posture question". Anyone who has responsibility füreines great security bodies of country must be beyond doubt, says vice-chancellor Olaf Scholz.

    But it is unclear to what extent SPD would really go, Seehofer should remain hard. Seehofer is Interior Minister MaaßensDiensrr – SPD cannot fire BfV boss. She can only damitdrohen to leave coalition if that doesn't happen.

    The situation is refore tricky. No Social Democrat has an interest in chaos days and also not at break of grand coalition, it is said from party leadership. After all, Germany is in a socially unstable position, and poll values for increasingly right-wing AfD are high. The SPD are at same time historically low, no one in party wants to be elected at this time.

    Updated Date: 14 September 2018, 12:00

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