Start-up aid plus: Thousands of asylum seekers have left for premium

So far 12,000 people have voluntarily returned to their homeland via the federal government's return programme. The Left party speaks of a cynical practice.

Start-up aid plus: Thousands of asylum seekers have left for premium

Almost 12,000 asylum seekers have left Germany since start of return programme plus against payments. This is a response from Federal Ministry to a question from left. Thus, more than 1,500 people returned to ir countries of origin before asylum proceedings. Most recipients came with 2,261 requests from Iraq, followed by Russia with 1,307 cases UndAfghanistan with 951 cases.

The launch aid Plus program was 2017gestartet at beginning of February and provides premiums for volunteers. In particular, DieBundesregierung wants to motivate people with GeringenBleibeperspektiven for a timely, voluntary departure, it is said in letter of Federal Ministry.

Adults receive 800 to 1,200 euro as an incentive zurAusreise, children under age of 12 are about half. If more than four family members leave Germany toger, re are 500 Euroextra. For this purpose, 40Millionen euros were available in year 2017 from federal funds. The maximum rate of 1,200 euros will be awarded to applicants who leave Germany again before end of ir asylum procedure. Those who do not receive asylum, KeineRechtsmittel and decide to return to Einefreiwillige within period of departure will receive a premium of 800 euros.

The Left party criticizes program. "It is already übelgenug to apply for departure to war countries and finanzielleAnreize to endanger affected and ir families," said MEP Ulla Jelpke. "Hieraber still give bonuses to whoever gives up most rights is simply cynical." The Federal Ministry argues, however, that decision Ethylalcohol programme lies within own responsibility of returnees, which also applies to a voluntary return to a Krisengebietund withdrawal of asylum application.

Date Of Update: 05 July 2018, 12:01

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