Stop in Solingen: Juvenile Killer and a V-man

25 years ago, four young neo-Nazis in Solingen committed a fire attack in which five women died. Did government-paid informants incite the perpetrators?

Stop in Solingen: Juvenile Killer and a V-man
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    On May 29th, 1993 at 1.42 am, a call is given to fire brigade in Rhenish Solingen. A house burns in UnterenWernerstraße. Five minutes later, rescue forces are re. Section Gürsün Inçe with her daughter in her arm crouching on a windowsill in gable of house. Even before firefighters Aufpumpenkönnen a rescue pillow, 27-year-old jumps out of window.

    Her n three-year-old daughter Güldane survives DenSturz with serious injuries. The mor did not. Five women and girls die at fire attack of Solingen. The perpetrators were four neo-Nazis, Damalszwischen 16 and 23 years old. Your motive: racism. The Turkish House should burn.

    Three of m – Felix K., Markus G. and Christian B. – were in Tatnacht toger during a stag evening. There was controversy, re were racist insults to a black party visitor. The quarrel was followed by blows, three had to leave party. On way, SieChristian R. All four knew each or, three of m trained in DerselbenKampfsportschule. And y were members of a large clique of vonneonazistischen skinheads.

    Toger in Neonazikampfsportschule

    Christian R. Also had a bad temper that night. The "Turks children" from neighbouring house annoyed him, as he later said to police. In early evening he had already announced "Turks House" Anzündenzu want. Compared to two friends, he boasted, in two weeks it would be ready. Skinheads from Düsseldorf and Hilden would help him. But n four Solingen took ir own hands on 29 May.

    After 127 process days, confessions and ir withdrawal ended lawsuit against perpetrators in October 1995. Markus G. Got Eine15-year prison sentence. The or perpetrators, who were convicted of juvenile criminal law, received ten years.

    In process around stop, G. First, but n took statement back. In several interviews on 20th anniversary of arson attack, he explained that he would distance himself from right thinking and that he had not committed deed. Christian R. – Dtisonly perpetrator who maintained his confession – now lives on edge of DesRuhrgebiets. After his dismissal of Neo loyal Gebliebenund, he was again sentenced to einerHaftstrafe a few years after he had shown denHitlergruß in a right-wing parade.

    The culmination during Solingen process: The Selbstenttarnungeines V-Man of constitutional protection. For even though three perpetrators, next to Christian R., had quite different backgrounds – Felix K. Son, his parents are considered left-liberal; The far of Christian B. was artisan; Markus G. Had lost 1990 his mor, his far WarAlkoholiker – so three unifying one thing: y were active in KampfsportschuleHak Pao (Black Panr). Looking back, it seems likely that later killers were radicalized here – until decision to make HassJagd on Turkish-born people.

    Date Of Update: 30 May 2018, 12:02

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