Summer interview: Seehofer calls for more commitment from Merkel for anchor centres

The interior minister gives himself a conciliatory interview in the summer: he observes the Chancellor's policy competence. But it insists on compliance with the Coalition Treaty.

Summer interview: Seehofer calls for more commitment from Merkel for anchor centres

Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) has called on Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) to be more involved in setting up controversial anchor centres for refugees. The party leaders of CDU and SPD had signed coalition agreement and were responsible for its implementation. "The Coalition agreement applies," stressed CSU chief in ARD summer interview. CDU chairwoman Merkel and SPD chairwoman Andrea Nahles would have to ensure that anchor centres would come.

The anchor centres are defined in Black-Red coalition agreement, but implementation is in federal states. Since beginning of August re are seven anchor centres in Bavaria, but most federal states do not want to introduce m for time being.

"We have to stay tuned"

The anchor centres are part of Seehofer's master plan migration. It stipulates that refugees remain in centres for so long until ir application for asylum is decided. According to Seehofer, this will enable more efficient and safe asylum procedures.

"We have to stay tuned," said Seehofer. It's a question of credibility. When asked wher he wanted more support from Merkel on this issue, CSU chief said, "Yes."

Some federal states fear that anchor centres could cause conflicts because many asylum seekers would have to live toger in close quarters for a long time. They also point out that deportations usually fail because countries of origin do not take people back. This problem will not be solved by anchor centres.

Merkel and Seehofer are divided in parts of German refugee policy. A few weeks ago, quarrel had almost led to collapse of coalition. Seehofer insured in summer interview, he observes Chancellor's policy competence. "Manmuss as a member of government this is a matter of course (...) Accept it. " He rejected criticism of his choice of words in this dispute.

Seehofer also said in interview that he hopes to get clarity about possible migration agreements with or European countries soon. The interior minister furr said that he believes "firmly in fact" that CSU could have an absolute majority at Landtag elections in October in Bavaria.

The summer interview with Horst Seehofer will be broadcast at 18.30 am at ard tonight.

Date Of Update: 06 August 2018, 12:00

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