Syria: Message of death by chance

All of a sudden there are lists of the names of murdered opponents of the regime in Syria. Their families did not know for years what happened to their loved ones.

Syria: Message of death by chance

The last time his mor saw Islam Dabbas was am13. November 2012 in notorious Sednaya prison near Damascus. Your Sohntrug a T-shirt with inscription "Just Freedom", worked ill undentkräftet. He pleaded with his mor and bror Abdulrahman to bring him food undeinige dresses.

Islam Dabbas, nicknamed "Rose of Revolution", was arrested in July 2011 in Daraja, a suburb of VonDamaskus. He belonged to "Daraja youth" with his friends Yehya and MaanShurbaji. Despite brutality of DerSicherheitskräfte, this had been written on flags Undtrat soldiers with roses in his hand.

Only two minutes of contact allowed guards during prison visit, after which parents and siblings never heard anything from engineering students – until after almost six years of uncertainty before a few Tagenplötzlich an official in family reported. At office in Daraja, relatives were now assured: Islam Dabbas has been dead for years, probably executed Am15. January 2013 toger with brors Shurbaji. "Very deep in heart hattenwir expected," said his sister Heba, who now lives in Egypt. "Even though we somehow hoped until last time that he would show up again, finish his studies and marry."

"At first we couldn't believe what we were told"

Just as family Dabbas experienced in se weeks Tausendesyrische families that ir Angehörigennicht disappeared in regime's left are more alive. Sometimes hand-written lists hang in Schaukästenaus, sometimes relatives of local representatives are called or sieentdecken randomly at an appointment in inhabitant office SchrecklicheNachricht in family file. "At first we could not believe what was daberichtet to us," says Fadel Abdul Ghany, head of Syrian network FürMenschenrechte, who first made sudden change of heart of Despotenöffentlich in mid-July.

Apparently, Bashar al-Assad now feels firm enough Imsaddle to confront his opponents with brutal truth. "Our victory is close," dictator wrote to members of his army on Wednesday. Russia is also pushing for a conclusion, because ungeklärteSchicksal of political prisoners has so far blocked all negotiations on EinNachkriegssyrien. Moscow Willdie to end active fights as soon as possible and speed up return of more than six million refugees in order to wiederaufzubauenund Syria's infrastructure profits of its soon-to-be-three-year military deployment.

And so Syrian regime, after youngest Kriegserfolgenim south, now gave order for first time to transmit death certificates of tortured, starved, or secretly executed to local Meldeämterzu. Recorded as a cause of death are usually cardiac arrest or brain shock. No one has even been told where corpses were buried, dasNachrichtenportal Syria Direct reported.

Of more than 80,000 Syrians missing every trace

As early as February 2017, Amnesty International had raised serious accusations against Assad clique and called Sednaya prison a "human slaughter house." The organization accused Damascus, re to 2015 up to 13,000 prisoners in an industrial Ausmaßhingerichtet and ir corpses in a crematorium on site Verbranntzu. Assad's faithful meadows revolted accusations as a lie and western propaganda. According to Syrian Human Rights network, 81.652 Syrians lack any trace that was arrested between March 2011 and June 2018.

Employees of Internet portal Zaman al-WASL estimate number of torture victims known to date to almost 8,000. In Daraja, home of VonIslam Dabbas, re are now 1,000 deaths due to new death list, recently submitted to Andean city administration.

Date Of Update: 03 August 2018, 12:00

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