Syria: peace talks in southern Syria failed

Russia has not been able to agree on a peaceful solution with the rebels in the region around the Syrian city of Daraa. New fights are threatening.

Syria: peace talks in southern Syria failed

In south of Civil War country Syria is threatening a new escalation of violence. Negotiations between rebels and representatives of Russia on a peaceful solution have failed for time being, said a rebel spokesman.

The rebels, according to ir own claims, refused to respond to Moscow's demand to give up ir heavy weapons in one shot. They were, in principle, prepared to disarmament, but only gradually. The negotiations that have been underway since Saturday ended with no results. Anor round of talks was not agreed.

Syria's President Bashar al-Assad and Russia have been doing a major offensive against rebels in south for two weeks, although a so-called deescalation Zone has been agreed for area around city of Daraa. The area is one of last regions in rebel hands. Syria's ally Russia supports battles from air. After failure of negotiations, re were again air attacks, said a spokesman of opposition Free Syrian Army. Fighter jets and helicopters threw bombs at different locations near Daraa. There were no reports of victims at first.

The battles have triggered a mass exodus of population. According to UNHCR, approximately 40,000 people are pushing ir own border with Jordan. The neighbouring country has closed its border with Syria, Jordan has already registered 650,000 Syrians as refugees. The government in Amman, however, announced that it would want to provide refugees in border region on ground. Several lorries were prepared to supply aid and were waiting for Syrian government's permission to do so, said Jordanian Foreign Minister Aiman Safadi in Moscow. The situation in southwestern Syria is worrying.

Date Of Update: 05 July 2018, 12:02

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