Syria war: Saudi Arabia wants to give a hundred million dollars to Syria

The money is supposed to go into rebel areas in the northeast of the country. The US, on the other hand, has cancelled 230 million dollars in money.

Syria war: Saudi Arabia wants to give a hundred million dollars to Syria

Saudi Arabia wants to provide hundreds of millions of dollars (88 million euros) for reconstruction in Syria. The money is to benefit areas in norastern Syria that are not controlled by Syrian government, Saudi Arabian embassy in Washington shared. These areas are controlled by Arab-Kurdish troops, which are in turn supported by International military coalition against Dschihadistenmiliz Islamic State (IS) under leadership of United States.

The Government of Syria's leaders Bashar al-Assad condemned financial support of rebel areas as "morally unacceptable," as official news agency SANA reported. It accuses Saudi Arabia of support of terrorists.

Money should revive Rakka

Saudi Arabia pointed out that it was largest amount of help so far for areas mentioned in Syria. The sum was released after a corresponding commitment at an international conference in mid-July in Brussels. Or countries also agreed to help money. The United Arab Emirates wants to give 50 million dollars, and Germany, France, Italy, Denmark and Taiwan also secured support, said Brett McGurk, Special Envoy of US government for International anti-IS coalition.

The money will "play a crucial role in efforts of international coalition to revive communities, especially in Rakka, which have been devastated by IS terrorists," it says from Saudi Arabian embassy. It should be channelled into projects in areas of health, agriculture, electricity and drinking water, education and transport. In this way, aid will "save lives, facilitate return of displaced Syrians, and help ensure that IS does not threaten Syria and its neighbors again, or can plan attacks against international community."

USA to delete payments

Meanwhile, US government announced that it would suspend a payment of 230 million dollars for stabilisation projects in Syria. The sum will be more than offset by additional pledges from US allies, said spokesperson of Foreign Ministry, Hear Nauert. U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has ordered a reassignment of originally planned sum for Syria. According to Nauert, money saved should now be spent in or areas of foreign policy. Humanitarian aid was not affected by austerity measure.

Nauert referred to US president Donald Trump's demand for a fairer distribution of burdens between Allies. The disbursement of money was also halted because US was already engaged militarily and financially in Syria. A move away from strategic goals of US in Syria is not accompanied by this, stressed Nauert. Trump made it clear that US was ready to stay until a final victory over is militia in Syria.

Updated Date: 18 August 2018, 12:00

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