Trade dispute: Trump expresses confidence before meeting with Juncker

Conciliatory tones in the trade dispute: at the start of the meeting with the President of the European Commission, the US president said he was expecting something 34; very positive 34;.

Trade dispute: Trump expresses confidence before meeting with Juncker

To start his conversation with EU Commission leader Jean-Claude Juncker, US president Donald Trump said he hoped for a "fair deal" in EU-US trade dispute. The agreements should apply equally to both sides, Trump said at reception of Juncker at White House. He expects that something "very positive" will happen.

Trump repeated his call for a fair trade agreement. I hope you will be able to elaborate on this, he said. The US has lost hundreds of billions of dollars in trade with EU over past few years. "We just want re to be fair conditions of competition for our farmers, for our producers, for everyone." The EU Solledavon also benefit. The President of European Commission described Republican as a "smart" and "tough" man.

Juncker said that EU and US are partners and allies, not enemies. You have to work toger and talk to each or, not one anor. Toger, both sides stand for 50 percent of world trade.

Trump took up statement of President of Commission and said it would be good if all customs and trade barriers were removed in course of debate.

The President of Commission had travelled to Washington to avert a furr escalation of trade dispute between United States and EU. After a brief four-eye interview with Trump and Juncker, talks should be continued in an extended round.

Both politicians were sceptical about wher y could resolve escalating trade dispute with tariffs and countermeasures just before ir encounter. The EU and especially Germany are afraid of levies on cars imported into USA. As reported by Washington Post, citing senior advisors to president, Trump could introduce an inch of 25 percent on cars. This would correspond to level of new customs duties on steel from EU.

But signals from White House were contradictory: Trump renewed a proposal before meeting with Juncker, which he had already submitted on Twitter day before. The US and EU should remove all reciprocal trade restrictions. While he conceded in same tweet, EU would probably not respond to this proposal.

The trade dispute must be terminated by a political agreement between Heads of State and Government, according to WTO. The conflict is political and not technical, says WTO director general Roberto Azevedo in Geneva. Stop quarrel, just take world economy to harm.

Date Of Update: 26 July 2018, 12:02

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