Trump and Putin will be on the 11th of November in Paris in order to save the nuclear deal

The Russian president has proposed the meeting after Trump stated its intention to withdraw from the nuclear agreement signed in 1987 Russia calls it a "bl

Trump and Putin will be on the 11th of November in Paris in order to save the nuclear deal

The Russian president has proposed the meeting after Trump stated its intention to withdraw from the nuclear agreement signed in 1987

Russia calls it a "blackmail" the breakdown of the nuclear treaty on the part of Trump

Donald Trump unleashes the race of nuclear

The presidents of Russia and the united States will be in Paris next month to try to bring a nuclear agreement that to this day Donald Trump seems to be willing to throw in the trash. After announcing at the end of last week his intention to leave the treaty of nuclear weapons, intermediate (INF, for its acronym in English), signed in 1987, with Russia, whom it accuses of having raped, the US president, Trump, warned Tuesday that "until the people does not reason," the U.S. will strengthen its atomic arsenal.

it Has been Vladimir Putin who proposed to meet with his us counterpart in France, taking advantage of the events that will take place to commemorate the centenary of the end of the First World War in Paris, "where the american side is interested, of course." The Russian president raised the appointment during its meeting with John Bolton, national security adviser to the president of the united States, who is visiting Moscow. Bolton advanced to the agency Russian TASS that Donald Trump would be "delighted" to meet with Putin on the 11th of November in the French capital. The last time Putin and Trump saw was the past July 16th in Helsinki, Finland.

with Respect to the nuclear treaty, Putin said to Bolton that he is surprised by some of the steps of the united States that cannot be "considered friendly."For us, I say frankly, it is surprising to see how the united States gives no reason previous steps that we may not consider friendly," said the head of the Kremlin looking into the eyes of Bolton, for his part, stressed the importance of dialogue between Washington and Moscow despite the discrepancies.

"despite the differences that there is among us for the national interests of each country, we find it very useful to meet and find points of contact that may be useful", said the advisor to Trump. In the last few hours the leader of the USA has pointed directly to China and "other" countries that produce nuclear weapons of medium range, to give a glimpse of the INF has been deprecated.

This treaty on missiles of medium-range and shorter do not have an expiration date and prohibits Russia and the US have ballistic missiles and ground or cruise missiles with a range between 500 and 5,500 kilometers. Moscow reiterated today his rejection to break this agreement of nuclear weapons.

at The start of his meeting with Bolton, Putin joked, referring to the shield of the US, which shows an eagle holding an olive branch with one claw and several arrows with the other."I have a question. Their eagle has already eaten all the olives, and just left the arrows?", he said the Russian president. Bolton continued with the metaphor, indicating that the eagle holds the branch with the right talon, which shows your priorities. However, he added that he had not brought olives to Moscow. "That's what I thought," joked Putin.

"Recently, we learned of the intention of the united States to abandon the treaty of elimination of missiles of medium and short range and we know the doubts of the american Government on the need to extend the START-III, which expires in 2021, as well as the purpose of placing elements of missile defense in space," added the Russian leader more serious in tone, pointing out the concerns of Russia in the field of disarmament and strategic stability that should focus the conversations.

Bolton met Monday with his Russian counterpart, Nikolai Patrushev, and with the Russian minister of Foreign Affairs, Serguei Lavrov. Today met with the Russian minister of Defense, Serguei Shoigu, with whom he discussed the future of the INF and the possibilities of renewing the START III. Also touched upon issues related to the Middle East and Afghanistan. Shoigu recalled that the military, the russians and americans maintained contacts in Syria. That is, for the moment, "the only positive example" of cooperation between the two countries, managing to avoid "accidents in the airspace of Syria."

Sitting at the conference table in the Kremlin, Putin said with irony that despite the "efforts" of the united States, in a clear allusion to the sanctions on Russia, the trade between the two countries is on the rise."In the past year grew by 16 %, and this year, an 8 per cent. This is little, very little, in absolute figures, but nevertheless it is a trend. And, by the way, with a positive balance for the united States".

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Date Of Update: 25 October 2018, 20:28

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