Trump's son asked his father to intervene during the 6 January Capitol Riot

Donald Trump's son wrote frantic text messages to the White House Chief of Staff requesting that he intervene in the Capitol Riot on 6 January.

Trump's son asked his father to intervene during the 6 January Capitol Riot

A committee investigating the violence received messages from Donald Trump Jr. to Mark Meadows, stating that the deadly riot had "gotten outof control".

He was just one of many senior media and political figures who sent Mr Meadows their concerns.

The president was criticized for failing to intervene early in the riot.

He did urge his supporters to "go back", but not before the proTrump mob stormed Capitol Building, where Congress was meeting to confirm Joe Biden's win in the presidential election.

Mr Trump Jr. used strong language to suggest that his father act in the newly-revealed messages addressed to Mr Meadows.

According to Liz Cheney, a US lawmaker, the younger Trump wrote that he had to condemn the "shit" immediately. Cheney was vice-chair of a committee looking into whether the former president knew of the riot.

The ex-president has denied rumors that he encouraged his followers to commit violence.

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These messages were submitted by Mr Meadows who is facing criminal contempt charges for refusing the inquiry of the committee.

"As violence continued, one the President's sons text Mr Meadows," Ms Cheney, a Republican lawmaker from Wyoming, said to the Select Committee Monday.

She stated that Mr Meadows replied to Mr Trump Jr.'s plea by writing back "I'm pushing for it hard." "I agree."

"Still President Trump did not act immediately," Ms Cheney stated, and "Donald Trump Jr. texted repeatedly."

"Quote: 'We need an Oval Office address. Trump [ex-President Trump] must lead now. It has gone too far, and it has gotten outof hand," end quote.

It was also revealed on Monday that several Fox News TV hosts - widely regarded as supporting Donald Trump and the Republican Party - were also pushing Mr Meadows to stop the rioting at the Fox News TV station.

"Mark, President needs to tell the Capitol people to go home. This is a terrible situation for all of us. According to Laura Ingraham's text message, "He is destroying his legacy."

Brian Kilmeade, another Fox News star wrote, "Please get him [exPresident Trump] on television." You will destroy everything you have done."

Ms Cheney summarized the messages and said that "these texts leave no doubt." The White House was aware of what was going on at the Capitol.

His son and former President Trump have not commented publicly on the latest developments.

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