Turkish Parliament: Turkey adopts anti-terrorism Act

After the end of the emergency in Turkey, Parliament extended the powers of the government. The opposition is talking about an extension of the state of emergency.

Turkish Parliament: Turkey adopts anti-terrorism Act

The Turkish Parliament has adopted a legislative package of anti-terrorist measures. 27 paragraphs regulate how state will continue fight against terror in normal state. The opposition evaluates law as a continuation of state of emergency, which came to an end a week ago.

The governors thus retain part of ir powers from state of emergency. They may continue to deny access to certain places and regions to people who are suspected of "disrupting public order or security" for up to 15 days. You can also furr restrict freedom of assembly. In principle, re must be no demonstrations in open air as in state of emergency after dark, in addition, y can prevent assemblies with argument that y "cannot complicate everyday life of citizens in an extreme and unbearable way" .

In addition, security forces may keep suspects in police custody between 48 hours and 12 days. This is longer than before start of state of emergency.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan had imposed Ausnahmzustand in Turkey after coup attempt 2016. Since n, fundamental rights have been restricted, tens of thousands of people have been detained, some 130,000 state officials.

Passports can still be invalidated

This practice seems to go on. The new legal text regulates in detail how judges, security forces or ministry staff can be dismissed. In addition, as during state of emergency, government wants to void passports of those who are dismissed or suspended for terrorist suspects from civil service. The passports of your spouses can also be cancelled.

Since summer of 2016, Turkish government has blocked hundreds of thousands of passports. However, in past few days 155,350 passes were also made valid again. The Home Office had found owners to be "legally harmless" and cancelled cancellation.

The law is also a sign of government's deep mistrust of military after its coup attempt. With a whole series of regulations, it enables control of soldiers on and off bases.

380 of 600 deputies of National Assembly were present during vote, according to state news agency Anadolu 284, y voted for Bill of Islamic-Conservative government party ACP. Toger with its alliance partner, nationalist MHP, ACP has an absolute majority in Parliament.

The opposition CHP accused government of wanting to continue state of emergency with law. The EU also warned that legislative package would threaten to destroy positive effect of abolishing state of emergency. The law is to be valid for three years first.

Date Of Update: 26 July 2018, 12:02

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