U.S. elections: US intelligence agencies accuse Russia of interference in congressional elections

According to the intelligence of the US secret services, Russia is trying to manipulate the forthcoming elections. President Donald Trump, on the other hand, wants to work with 34; enormous effort 34;

U.S. elections: US intelligence agencies accuse Russia of interference in congressional elections

According to intelligence of US secret services, Russia is conducting a "comprehensive campaign" to influence US congressional elections in autumn. With this "information war", Russian side is trying to "weaken and divide USA", said National intelligence director Dan Coats at a press conference at White House. But threat is not limited to campaign times. "Our enemies are constantly trying to destabilize our country – wher it's campaigning or not."

Russia is also trying to steal information from candidates and government officials, coats shared. He did not go directly to question of journalists wher Democrats or Republicans were particularly benefiting from Russia's influence. According to Coats, Russia uses every opportunity to undermine "our fundamental values." According to US Homeland Security Minister Kirstjen Nielsen, "Democracy of USA is in crosshairs".

Donald Trump announces special protection of elections

US president Donald Trump announced "enormous efforts" to protect forthcoming elections. Trump has instructed all state institutions to ensure correct expiration of 2018 and 2020 elections, U.S. President's National Security advisor, John Bolton, shared. "President Trump has and will not tolerate interference in America's representative government system." He responded to criticism from both Democrats and Republicans, Trump's government had no clear strategy to protect next congressional and presidential elections.

The US intelligence services have shown that Russia has also influenced presidential election in year 2016 to help Republican Donald Trump and to harm Democrat Hillary Clinton. It was not until Tuesday that Facebook had announced that it had blocked 32 user accounts due to a coordinated attempt to influence concealed election. The investigations on background were still at an early stage, so company could not name any responsible countries or groups. According to information from Facebook security chief Alex Stamos, re are references to connections to Internet Research Agency (IRA) accounts closed last year, which is assigned to Russian government.

Date Of Update: 03 August 2018, 12:00

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