U.S. Senate: D IE Press is not the enemy of the People

The United States Senate has stressed the importance of freedom of the press through a resolution. The politicians responded to the dispute between US media and Donald Trump.

U.S. Senate:  D IE Press is not the enemy of the People

Following a joint action by hundreds of newspapers, US Senate highlighted importance of free press for United States. "The press is not enemy of people," it was said in a resolution that Senators and senators adopted. Newspapers all over country had previously resisted trumps with editorials against attacks.

Democratic Senator Brian Schatz from Hawaii introduced resolution. Among or things, he referred to presidents Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and Ronald Reagan to emphasize importance of a free press. According to resolution, media are "essential for democratic foundations of United States."

Attacks on media are also to be regarded as "attacks on our democratic institutions". Schatz referred to First Amendment to US Constitution, which protects media from government's control. No senator put a contradiction against resolution.

350 media defend against Trump's accusations

To joint action of newspapers had called Boston Globe. In ir editorials, media defended mselves against accusation of trumps to spread "fake news". According to Boston Globe, about 350 media participated in action, including traditional houses such as The New York Times, as well as small local newspapers, including liberal and conservative editors.

No week passes without US president spoken on his Twitter account against media. Critical coverage of his policies, such as New York Times, is called Trump as "fake news." He calls critical reporters "people's enemies." He talks about "failing New York Times" or "Liars at CNN" – Sometimes he also attacks individual journalists directly.

Date Of Update: 17 August 2018, 12:00

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