Union dispute: no one in the CSU is interested in toppling the Chancellor

In the union's quarrel Horst Seehofer denied that he wanted to let the coalition burst. Chancellor Merkel is apparently planning a short-term meeting with some EU countries.

Union dispute:   no one in the CSU is interested in toppling the Chancellor

According to BundesinnenministerHorstSeehofer (CSU), Derunionsinterne dispute over refugee policy should end Wederdie government coalition nor overthrow chancellor or dissolve DasFraktionsbündnis with CDU. "No one in CSU is interested in toppling chancellor, dissolving DieCDU/CSU faction community or blowing up coalition. We finally want a viable solution for dieZurückweisung of refugees at our borders, "sagteSeehofer picture on Sunday.

Chairman of CSU national group in Bundestag, Alexander Dobrindt, insisted on quick rejection. "We can not only continue to wait for a European solution, but must again apply bestehendeseuropäisches and German law. These include AuchZurückweisungen on German border, "he said DerBild on Sunday. According to Dobrindt, reorganisation of asylum system dieIdentitätsfrage union. "We have to show that we are not only right, but we are also prepared to enforce it," he said.

Seehofer and CSU want to have migrants on border rejected, who are already registered in anor EU country. This has led to a fierce quarrel in union. Chancellor Angela Merkel and large parts of CDU reject this. They call for a European solution. After separate meetings of Bundestag members of CDU and CSU on Monday, Seehofer had announced that he would have rejection of refugees on German border in Zweifelsfallim alone. The CSU board advises on Monday.

"I can't work with woman Anymore"

According to a report by world on Sunday in internal round, interior Minister expressed a very sceptical opinion about furr cooperation with Merkel. "I can no longer work with woman," said Seehofer, in a round of CSU's government members, with country group chairman Alexander Dobrindt on Thursday morning in Berlin.

He said sentence twice in this round according to participants. In ensuing meeting of all CSU members, Seehofer did not repeat it. There was no confirmation at first about statements.

Merkel plans to meet with Greece, Italy and Austria

According to a media report, Merkel plans a short-term top meeting with representatives of several EU countries, which, like Germany, are particularly affected by refugee crisis, before planned EU summit on 28 and 29 June. Among or things, CDU chief wants to discuss solutions for crisis with Greece, Italy and Austria, reported picture on Saturday with reference to government circles of several EU states.

It is not clear wher Spain and states from Balkans will also participate. An Italian member of government said to newspaper: "Nothing has been decided so far, we are in planning phase." Moreover, it is unclear when meeting is to come.

A government spokesman said that re was "no EU special summit planned". The convening of such a special summit would be a matter for institutions, he added. On or hand, "it goes without saying that federal government is conducting talks with different Member States and Commission in this context."

Scheuer believes in launching of Seehofer plans next week

The Federal Minister of Foreign Affairs Andreas Scheuer (CSU) assumes that Seehofer will implement his controversial project at beginning of week. In response to question of world on Sunday wher CSU chief would n present and implement his concept to party board of CSU, Scheuer replied: "I understood that."

Seehofer receives support for his plans from German administrative judges. "Rejection would certainly alleviate plight of overburdened administrative courts," said Robert Seegmüller, chairman of federal German administrative judge, world on Sunday. Those who are lawfully rejected at border do not raise any Asylklage before courts.

"We have not collapsed yet, but we are extremely burdened," Seegmüller said. So far, 350,000 to 400,000 asylum procedures have accumulated in administrative courts. "To work this mountain will take years. And if we have clarified se cases, rejected asylum seekers will come back to us with complaints of toleration and asylum follow-up procedures. The asylum plaintiff of today is tolerance plaintiff of tomorrow and asylum follower plaintiff of day after tomorrow. " The judges hoped that Seehofer and government would succeed in getting a better functioning asylum system in place.

Kramp-cart Builder optimistic

CDU general Secretary Annegret Kramp-cart builder, on or hand, is confident about possibility of a compromise. "I am convinced that CSU will not close its functioning agreements," she said picture on Sunday. The CDU and CSU had a common goal: "That fewer people come across border to Germany. We agree that those who have applied for asylum elsewhere should not be able to enter country. "

Date Of Update: 17 June 2018, 12:02

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