Union: Flaps and Bouffier support Merkel in a quarrel with the CSU

The European soul of the CDU must not be sold, says the prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia. Hesse's head of government urges the CSU to be patient.

Union: Flaps and Bouffier support Merkel in a quarrel with the CSU

Two CDU deputies and prime ministers support course of Chancellor Angela Merkel in debate with CSU on refugee policy. Armin Flapt, head of government in North Rhine-Westphalia, told Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung that y had already made many concessions and could conclude many compromises: "But European spirit belongs to soul of CDU. We're not going to sell m. " Tab was based on tradition of Union parties: "A break with tradition of Helmut Kohl, Franz Josef Strauss and Theo Waigel is not to be made with us."

Hesse's prime minister, Volker Bouffier, also said FAs: "Angela Merkel's proposal is sensible, and using se two weeks is not an imposition for anyone. Does anyone believe that in Germany something will improve, that we better enforce German interests in Europe and in world if Union's unity is broken? " This unit is basis of a stable government in Germany and for ability to act in Europe. "If you look into world, we absolutely need this ability to act," said Bouffier.

Bavaria's interior Minister Joachim Herrmann (CSU) said to newspaper: "We are not in dispute within union. But expectation of citizens of federal Interior Minister is to act consistently now. We urgently need to make progress on this issue, and we are also very much in favour of it. Again and again we hear from people: please do not fall over. "

Habeck completes cooperation with CSU

Bavaria's SPD chief Natascha Kohnen accused CSU of populism, irresponsibility, a division of society and a threat to Europe. The CSU is running a "dirty, populist game for supposedly fast voter voice," said Kohnen. Bavaria's prime minister, Markus Söder, federal Interior minister Horst Seehofer and CSU head of state Alexander Dobrindt would put everything at risk from selfish motives to blow up coalition: "The only threat to our rule of law is conservative Politicians who frighten people and claim that law and order must be restored. "

The Green politician Claudia Roth considers demand of interior minister Seehofer to reject migrants as "fundamentally unlawful". A quick glance at fingerprint database Eurodac does not suffice for rejection, says vice-President of Bundestag to Tagesspiegel.  Instead, a proper examination by competent authorities is necessary.

Lindner sees FDP closer to CSU

The Green Federal chairman, Robert Habeck, said that question of rejecting asylum seekers is not about individual paragraphs, "but it is actually a matter of postponing principles of politics to Konrad Adenauer". That is a departure from promise that Europe is a peace project. If coalition breaks down, Greens would have to stand, said Habeck. The party was not divided and had to oppose right jerk somewhat. A collaboration with CSU, such as a new start for a Jamaica Alliance, Habeck Castle.

Also FDP leader Christian Lindner showed no willingness to negotiate a new Jamaica alliance. He tweeted, "The programs haven't changed. And in current asylum dispute, we are closer to CSU than to Mrs Merkel and greens. " He demanded "courage for clarity" from his party. Previously, deputy FDP Bundestag group chairman Michael Theurer of Augsburg general said: "Should grand coalition fail, all this would be such a new situation, that of course re should also be new talks about future. We are ready to take responsibility. "

Date Of Update: 17 June 2018, 12:01

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