United Kingdom: Foreign Minister Boris Johnson also resigned

Theresa May loses another minister: Boris Johnson is leaving office, and the government has been part of it. Previously, Brexit minister David Davis had resigned.

United Kingdom: Foreign Minister Boris Johnson also resigned

Within 24 hours Theresa May loses anor minister: in afternoon, British foreign minister and Brexit advocate Boris Johnson resigned, government announced. May has accepted resignation, succession should be settled shortly. In night, Brexit minister David Davis had resigned, and his deputy Steve Baker.

Over Johnson's reasons became more known in evening. In his resignation letter to May, it was said that current government plan "goes beyond status of a colony." Originally he had stood behind government plans, but now y were "stuck in throat". The Brexit should have been an opportunity to do things differently and to increase special benefits of Britain's economic power. "This dream dies, suffocated by unnecessary self-doubt," wrote ex-minister.

May said before London deputies that re have been discrepancies with Johnson and Davis regarding right path from European Union. "We do not agree on what is best way to meet our common commitment from outcome of referendum," said May, looking at Brexit decision of British in June 2016.

Dissatisfied with Mays Brexit course

Johnson was considered one of main critics of Mays. He had repeatedly attacked her Brexit course as too soft. On Friday, May, against his will, was enforced by her decision to maintain a close economic connection with European Union. The head of government had sworn her cabinet at estate Chequers in a twelve-hour session on her course. But agreement was only under great pressure, Brexit proponents did not agree with it in recent days.

Johnson was face of Brexit campaign and leader of opponents of Europe in UK. The eccentric conservative had said, after Brexit vote 2016, that EU was "a noble idea for its time", but "no longer right for this country".

Davis had also called for a hard break with European Union. The BBC said that his resignation was a decision of conscience. In his declaration of resignation, former Brexit minister wrote that he could not bear government's course. The "New trend" of Brexit policy and tactics make it less likely that Britain will leave single market and customs union, said Davis ' resignation letter.

Following resignations of most important Brexit hardliners, President of European Council, Donald Tusk, reiterated hope that country's exit from EU was still to be halted. "Politicians come and go, but problems y have created remain for people," he wrote on Twitter. "I can only regret that Brexit idea has not gone with Davis and Johnson. But... who knows? " The British withdrawal from EU is planned for March 29, 2019.

Politicians come and go but problems y have created for people remain. I can only regret that idea of Brexit has not left with Davis and Johnson. But... who knows?

— Donald Tusk (@eucopresident) July 9, 2018 British in a "weak negotiating position"

Davis furr wrote that government proposals on future trade relations with EU "leave us in best case in a weak negotiating position". They left EU in control of large parts of British economy. Even control of laws would not be brought back into country, he said.

For Davis, May has already named a successor: 44-year-old Dominic Raab, who has previously been responsible for housing, will in future lead department responsible for EU exit of UK. Raab is considered a European skeptic and a staunch Brexit advocate.

Britain wants to leave EU in March 2019. May pursues objective of maintaining close relations with EU even after Brexit. That would continue to be her goal, said head of government after withdrawal of her ministers. Their course protect jobs and be best for population, said May. "It's right deal for Britain."

The Prime minister wanted to present her Brexit plans in Parliament in afternoon. She was n expected to meet with influential parliamentarians from her conservative group, so-called 1922 committee. The meeting was considered crucial for ir own future.

Updated Date: 10 July 2018, 12:02

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