United Nations: USA no longer paying for Palestinian help

For decades, the United States has supported the UN facility for Palestinian refugees. Now they don't want to contribute to the budget.

United Nations: USA no longer paying for Palestinian help

The United States is completing its payments to UN aid facility for Palestinian refugees (UNRWA). The United States no longer wanted to support "hopelessly flawed" aid work, spokesperson for Foreign ministry, Hear Nauert, shared. It accused UNRWA of artificially inflate number of Palestinians who are entitled to refugee status.

A few days ago, on orders of President Donald Trump, US government had already cancelled more than 200 million dollars (172 million euros) in aid to Palestinians in Gaza Strip and West Bank. Nearly 30 percent of total budget of UNRWA has been received by United States.

The UN facility for Palestinian refugees takes care of three million Palestinian refugees in Gaza Strip, West Bank, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria, who were expelled or fled in connection with establishment of Israel 1948. Are. The US had drastically reduced its payments to aid facility earlier this year. In meantime, Fund has had massive difficulties to furr finance operation of hundreds of schools.

This year, Germany has provided UNRWA with 81 million euros and wants to make additional payments. Federal Foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) announced "provision of furr substantial funds" without mentioning an exact number. He asked his European counterparts to give more money as well. The organisation's ability to work is "at stake", Maas wrote in a letter to EU foreign ministers.

The Palestinians and most of international community believe that UNRWA offers a valuable safety net. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accuses authority of maintaining conflict by supporting an unrealistic demand from Palestinians that refugees have "right to return" to homes in today's Israel. Netanyahu has said that UNRWA should be abolished and that its tasks should be taken over by central UN refugee facility.

Date Of Update: 01 September 2018, 12:00

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