UNRWA: US Palestinians seem to take refugee status

According to the media, the United States wants to review the mandate of the Palestinian work. And Jordan is called upon to deprive millions of Palestinians of refugee status.

UNRWA: US Palestinians seem to take refugee status

Following controversial recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital, US is now apparently going to anor central point of controversy between Israel and Palestinians: Palestinian refugees. The Middle East envoy of United States and son-in-law of President Donald Trump, Jared Kusher, has called on Jordan, according to a report by US magazine Foreign Policy, to withdraw refugee status of more than two million Palestinians registered re. This means that UN's Palestinian charity (UNRWA) no longer needs to act re.

In addition, a senior representative of US government called on Israeli media reports to review mandate of UN refugee agency for Palestinians. It has exacerbated and lengned refugee crisis and had to be changed so that Palestinian people could develop ir full potential. The US estimates that a change would benefit Palestinians. According to representative, financial situation of agency has long been unacceptable. It must seek new donors and find ways to reduce spending.

After US decided in January this year to cut its payments, UNRWA is in a financial crisis. 2018, US has only paid 60 million dollars. Last year, it was still 360 million dollars.

Representatives of Palestinians criticized behavior of United States. The United States had no jurisdiction to dissolve UNRWA or to recognize Palestinian refugees as a status, said Palestinian politician Hanan Ashrawi. Kusher apparently wanted to deport responsibility for refugees to States in which y lived in order to "eliminate any chance of right to return".

Palestinians insist on right of return

As a result of War of Independence 1948 and Six-Day War 1967, re are more than five million registered refugees and ir descendants in Palestinian territories as well as in Israel's neighbouring countries. They should not be given right to return to Israel according to will of Israel. The Palestinians are officially insisting on a right of return to Israel, which would make Jews in foreseeable minority.

The United Nations Palestinian Assistance Organization, according to its own data, supports some five million Palestinian refugees, including Jordan, Lebanon and Palestinian territories. Among or things, UN relief organization takes care of education, medical care, as well as auxiliary and social services. The UN programme provides for better accommodation conditions for Palestinian refugees in host countries and lends small loans to individual entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Date Of Update: 07 August 2018, 12:00

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