US President: Trump gives city government guilt at departed military parade

The Washington D.C. military parade planned by US president Donald Trump will not do anything. Local politicians are to blame for this.

US President: Trump gives city government guilt at departed military parade

U.S. President Donald Trump cancelled a military parade planned for November and blamed Washington capital. The city's representatives had estimated a "ridiculously high price" for parade, so he canceled it, Trump wrote on Twitter. But he said that military show could be held next year. The President also stated that we could now buy new fighter jets.

Previously, Department of Defense had already announced that parade would no longer be held this year. The costs for this were criticised. However, ir level is mainly due to Pentagon's contribution.

The White House had cost to a value between ten and 30 million dollars prized. Lastly, channel CNBC reported an estimate of 92 million dollars. This sum includes security arrangements for event, transport of equipment, aircraft and personnel costs for soldiers.

The president had raised idea of a military parade in capital, after he had been invited by France's head of state Emmanuel Macron to traditional parade on Champs-Élysées in Paris and was enthusiastic about it.

But streets in Washington are not designed to be used with tanks. As early as March, New York Times had written that no tanks will roll on parade route from White House to Capitol, but only vehicles on wheels to avoid road damage. Instead, re should be overflights of military machines as well as parades in historical uniforms.

The last major military parade in Washington is more than 27 years behind. On June 8, 1991, United States, under President George H.W. Bush, celebrated liberation of Kuwait and victory over Saddam Hussein, Iraqi ruler.

The Pentagon had targeted November 10th for event. The parade was to honor military veterans. The 10th of November is just before Veterans Day on November 11, which is celebrated in USA as a holiday in honor of war veterans.

Trump announced on Friday instead of show to visit a parade at military airfield of Joint Base Andrews on anor day.

Updated Date: 18 August 2018, 12:00

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