USA: Donald Trump arranges creation of a space army

The US president wants to expand the US military for an 34; Space Force 34; The US would have to dominate 34;d en space 34; said Donald Trump. The construction should start immediately.

USA: Donald Trump arranges creation of a space army

US PräsidentDonald Trump wants to eineWeltraumarmeeschaffen and make an independent part of American armed Forces. Diesogenannte "Space Force" should be unaffected by of Air Force and be sixth arm of US armed forces. Erhabedas Pentagon urged to start immediately with creation of DereigenenStreitkräfteim too, said U.S. president.

"ZurVerteidigung America is a simple presence in Weltraumnicht, we must dominate space," Trump said.

DerKongress has been debating creation of a space force for years, but wants to link it to US Air Force. So far, Air Force is responsible for most of MilitärischenWeltraumprojekte.

Trumpkündigteaußerdem, US would soon return to moon to reach Undspäterauchden Mars. Manufacture December 2017, president had called for creation of a space army. Trump sagtezudem that he would treat space as a military terrain. "DasWeltall is a sector of warfare, just like land, Air undSee," ZitierteCNN president.

Date Of Update: 19 June 2018, 12:01

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